Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Valuable lessons learned today

1. When taking looks at other people's computers, have them bring their own mouse. Because the odds are that my mouse WILL NOT WORK, causing much headache and cursing.

2. One needlenose plier will not open storm windows with broken tabs. Two, however, will open every single damn window in the house.

3. I need to clean under my computer better. I woke up this morning to no cable and no internet (Gasp! The HORROR!) only because the check I was supposed to mail at the beginning of the month was hidden underneath my desk.

4. I really need to be better at naming my pictures when I upload them to the computer. I have 75 apple orchard pictures, and I don't know what a single one of them is. Mostly because I didn't take time to look at them until I started uploading to my Flickr zeitgiest. But also because I flipping HATE Corel photo album with a passion. So much so that I uninstalled it from my computer, only to have NOTHING else on it work. So I reverted back to before I uninstalled it, only it's pissed at me and refuses to work. Because of that, I have no thumbnail, so it's a secret surprise picture until I upload it. Grah!

Anywhoo, we had a massive thunderstorm come through, so I was awake at about 2 with a sense of impending doom (it is 06/06/06 after all). I was then blessed with a morning serenade by the school marching band at 7:00 this morning. We have no more school. I didn't have to go to work today. I would have been able to sleep much much later (ok, until 8) had the drumline not been marching RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE this morning. Most days, I love the convienience of living right across the street from the school. Today is not one of those days.

I've been trying to come up with a nickname for The Boy on this site. I need something that suits him. I called him The Superhero over on my old blog, but I'm all about change! Plus I am lazy! And that's too many letters to type. So after much deliberation, we have Diva, Country Boy, CJ, and Me. Descriptions and explanations will be in the sidebar after I'm done with this post.

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