Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Caution: Contents Under Pressure

Here's my day so far:

6:45 AM--Delightful time to get a wakeup call from Country Boy. Conversation went as follows:

CB: It's raining outside
GR: Mumble feralkf djfwe
CB: There's thunder and lightening too, so have the kids turn cartoons off for a while
GR: Huh? Err. . .I mean yeah. OK. Turn TV off. Gotchya.
CB: Have a good day
GR: (Externally) Bye. (Internally) *&#%$)(% Woke me up to tell me it's raining *&$%^#. Oh! But wait! No baseball! *turns alarm clock off and goes back to sleep*

7:15 AM--There is no use trying to sleep anymore. So I get up and get to decorating Diva's Ladybug cake.

GR: Doo do doo decorating cakes is so much fun! But! I have no black frosting! 'Tis good to have connections at the town bakery! *calls bakery, makes arrangements to steal black food coloring for frosting*

7:45 AM--Laa le laaa I love when I don't have to go anywhere in the morning. *takes lazy and way too long of a shower*

8:17 AM--*Phone Rings again*
GR: Hello?
Glamour Dad: The game is still on.
GR: Are you sure?
GD: Yes. I just spoke to the coach.
GR: *&^#%$ $%@$$# Don't they understand it's raining?! I got a WAKE UP call because it was raining out. WHY are they still playing baseball?
GD: I don't know. But they are.
GR: DAMN! *click*

8:20 AM
GR: CJ, please go put your baseball pants and shirt back on, you are playing after all
CJ: I can't find my baseball shirt.
GR: *shakes fist to the heavens* OK, let's look for it.
*CJ and I commence tearing apart the house looking for mysterously disappearing shirt. CB does not answer his phone so I cannot ask him where it is*

8:25 AM--CJ, you are just going to have to wear a different shirt.

8:27 AM--Pull up to the bus with three minutes to spare!

After that fiasco, Diva and I ran down to the bakery to get our black frosting. Then it was off to the baseball game on what has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day. After the baseball game, we stopped and watched one of CJ's friends play HIS baseball game. And I've pawned the kids off on my HERO OF THE DAY for a couple of hours so I can get everything done.

What's that? OH, you wanted to see PICTURES of the Ladybug cake. I must say that I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. And while I am no professional cake decorator, it's a 5000% improvement over the castle cake from hell last year. SO here you go, the Ladybug cake in all his mismatched eye splendor:See? Cute, huh?

Here's a picture of the butterfly cake my mom made her too. She thinks it sucks. But I think it is uber cute!That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have LOTS of cute stories from the party tonight. But I've yet to find anyone willing to hook me up with a pitcher of margaritas for the after-party.

Any takers?


Wystful1 said...

I LOVE this cake!!!! That is just too awesome. Boy, I bet this took a long time to create, but well, WELL worth it. Super job.

Thanks for letting me know it was up on your blog. I'm sooooooo impressed.

Leanne said...

Those cakes are BOTH adorable - I do love the ladybug! I bet that's some fun frosting to have smeared on your face, huh? LOL!

Christine said...

You did an amazing job. They are both super cute. Bet you and Diva had a lot of fun.Thanks for sharing a pic. :P

Stacy Dawn said...

What are you talking about? You did a fantastic job on the cake (which makes me really want to see the castle-from-hell)

Sophisticated Writer said...

Great cute cake and you have a nice blog. I'm your landlady for the week and thought I'd say a quick hi :)

Sophisticated Writer said...

Sorry for another comment, but I noticed in your profile that you're an Aquarius and according to the Chinese astrology you're a sheep. So am I!! I was born in February, 1980 :)

Stephanie said...

Hope the party was a success. Both cakes are cute.