Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thirteen Reasons This Week Has Sucked

  1. I had to go into work on Tuesday
  2. I also had to work today
  3. I am having a garage sale on Saturday
  4. I don’t have anything set out for the garage sale on Saturday
  5. It’s our Fiscal year end at work
  6. Because I had to work, I had no idea it was Thursday today until I went blog hopping
  7. I have a whole lot of crap to do at work
  8. My house is a disaster
  9. I am getting a cold
  10. I haven’t eaten a decent meal in three days
  11. Summer is already almost half over
  12. It’s HOT outside
  13. TRPTWNE is still making us be without an air conditioner downstairs.

I’m still waiting on someone to trade lives with me for the rest of the week. . .


TLC said...

Hope your week gets better. I hate it when I have a crappy week.

Thanks for visiting my T13, in any case. Hang in there...has to get better.

Tracy said...

Can it get any worse than my kids being out of school and already at each other's throats? :)

Hope your weekend is wonderful! :)

Scottage said...

One reason why it's better now: It's the weekend! YEAH!!!!!!! TGIF!! OK, a bit over the top? I'm trying for 'ya, red, trying hard!