Friday, June 02, 2006

The Fun Never Stops. . .

My evening turned out completely different than anything that I had anticipated it to be.

The Boy had been complaining of a headache for most of the day, but it was minor so I didn't worry about it. After he ate dinner, though, it started hurting worse. I told him to go lay down and he was out in a matter of minutes.

The Hubby got home and had had a bad day at work, so we were all doing our best to avoid him. However, he needed my help putting up some sheet rock, so I tiptoed to the REMODELING PROJECT THAT WILL NOT END and held on to the wall. The stuff wasn't fitting the way that he had anticipated it to, so (like most men) he got pissed at it and tried to throw it on the ground. When he did this, he dislocated his shoulder (again)*. I called my dad to come over and watch the still-sleeping Boy and the incredibly well-behaved Girl so I could take Hubby to the hospital. I then called our friends and let them know we would not be coming to their house.

By the time my dad got to our house, Hubby had slipped his shoulder back into joint and was ready to get back to work. The girly-girl in me was all "EWWWWW!" but the redneck in me said "COOL!". I suppose since it's the third time he's done this, it gets a little bit easier to get back in the socket every time.

So, Hubby is cleaning up the mess he made and all seems to be back to normal. That's when The Boy wakes up crying. We have now figured out that the poor kid has migrane headaches. I bring him upstairs & give him a bath. After the bath (thankfully), he throws up. Which I feel really bad for, but it was funny because as soon as he was done, he was all chipper and said "Hey! It's gone!" So, that's how we figured out he's got migranes, which run very deep in my family. This is not the first time that he's done this, and much to his dismay, we've figured out that it's when he gets to play PS2 for longer than the time I allow him to. He is royally pissed about this.

In other news, I've reverted to a stupid generic template for now. I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong, but I can't make my pretty one come back. I'm trying to learn a little bit more about this whole HTML CSS blah, blah, blah foreign language stuff. So maybe someday I'll even be smart enough to design my own.

*Hubby dislocated his shoulder two years ago whilst pretending he was younger than he was. He attempted wakeboarding (a combination of water skiiing and surfing behind a boat) and wiped out, dislocating it. Nasty site, let me tell you! Second time, he was in the swimming pool playing with the kids. I was beginning to think this man needs to stay away from water, but it's clear now that won't save him either.


Stephanie said...

Hope today goes better.

I don't think I could watch him pop his shoulder back in. Especially if it makes that icky suction popping noise.

I feel bad for your son. Hehe, but at least you are right when you say too much playstation isn't good for you!

TLC said...
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TLC said...

Hi Glam! I chose you as my Rent My Blog guest. Welcome to my blog, and if you need anything let me know. I see you have new digs, it's pretty. You need a thumbnail, though. You can request one from BE in the directory area.