Saturday, June 10, 2006

Simple things that make it alllll better

So I'd still been feeling pretty depressed yesterday morning, but throughout the day, my spirit began to lift. I wasn't nearly as crabby and was realizing the whole world doesn't hate me.

Then I came home from work to this:

It's amazing how six pretty little flowers can change my whole outlook on life. Oh, and pay no attention to the disaster that is my dining room table. That's all thanks to TRPTWNE (The remodeling project that will not end). But! I have pictures of Phase II's completion:

See? It ALMOST looks like a real room! Just have to mud it, paint it, carpet it, and I'll have my own little office area!

We went to Semi-Civilization this morning so that I could finally step into the grown up world and get contacts. The thought of these little disks going on my eyes has had me a nervous wreck for two years. But! I did it! And I wore them for a whole two hours. My eyes feel like they are going to drop right out of my head from all the pulling and poking, but they are in! I'm so glad that I don't have to wear glasses every day. Mostly because I'm all about variety. Besides, how glamorous is it to wear nerd goggles every day?

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Stacy Dawn said...

Your own office, how cool (I see you visited and seen what I have to work with...sheesh!)

We are going to start are kitchen reno in another two weeks when hubby is on holidays...not looking forward to it. (the outcome yes, the work, no) Any advice?