Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ah the joys of summer

Yesterday was my first ever experience with being a semi-SAHM with kids old enough for all the summer rec. activities. CJ & Diva have only decided on a couple for this week, but just those two were enough to make me crazy. CJ had to be at the baseball field by 11:00 yesterday morning. It was HOT and HUMID yesterday. There is no shade at said baseball field. And though it was too cute for words watching all the second and third graders try play a real game of baseball. And CJ scored a run, so methinks my retirement fund of famous children may pay off yet! :)

Then we had about a 45 minute break before Diva had to be at T-Ball. And if there were no words to describe how cute the older kids were, there most certainly are none for 4 & 5 year old girls playing t-ball. Sixteen girls, to be exact. And there were 16 boys too. Luckily GlamDad decided to come down and help because the two poor teenage boys that were supposed to be running the situation had NO CLUE. Doesn't help that I've known these kids since they were 8 and know they aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree, but everything seemed pretty organized, considering what they are up against.

After that, we were done for the day. And we were TIRED. I think we topped out at 90 with 80% humidity. Since TRPTWNE is still in a holding pattern on phase III, we still have no air conditioning downstairs. This makes for a cranky Glam. I had central air my entire life, until we moved to Podunk. Since all the houses were built in like 1897, there is not central air in the majority of them. And there's not even a possiblility to put it in our house because it still has the old radiant heat and it would cost more than the house is worth to put central in.

All the humidity culminated into what is now a hard rain. When I was driving from work spot # 1 to work spot #2, there was a big grey wall cloud over town. I have a 10 mile drive to spot # 2, and most of that was spent under a black and ominous looking cloud. It was actually quite pretty, because it was almost pitch black ahead of me, but behind me I could see the sun peeking through the clouds, almost like a second sunrise.

Once I drove through the big black cloud, the sky lightened up a bit and the downpour came. I ran as fast as I could to get into work, but in the 10 feet I was outside, I got drenched. Almost two hours later and I am still soaked. And it's still raining. Which means one of two things. Either 1) Humidity will disappear again for a while, so even thought it is supposed to be 90 this weekend, it will still be pretty nice or 2) This will heighten the humidity, and since it is supposed to be 90 this weekend, it will feel like 110 and I will want to KILL Country Boy for starting TRPTWNE before September.

I'm hoping for the former.


Stacy Dawn said...

I hope it does cool down for you a bit!

Nikki said...

hey, send some of that rain this way! It's so hot here, we are in desperate need of rain..

Cindy said...

I wish it would rain here too!! It is hot and dry and I love the rain, we just do not get enough of it.

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and you have a beautiful template!

God Bless,