Monday, June 05, 2006

New Renter!

I have my first renter here at my new blog! Contrary to the title of her blog, Uncool Mommy, seems very cool! Plus she's got a link to the Song of the Cebu, which is one of the GR kids' FAVORITE songs. So go check her out, wouldjya? Her color scheme and layout are beautiful and fun and I'm honored to have her as my tenant this week.

Phase 2 of the REMODELING PROJECT THAT WILL NOT END is finally complete! Can we say woo-freaking-hoo!?!?! Country Boy (the hubby) and I put up the last sheet of sheet rock yesterday before going to a graduation open house. It turned out to be a fabulous evening.

I mentioned on my old blog that my kids have a certain affliction for the movie The Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the oddest obsessions I've ever seen an almost 5 year old and almost 7 year old have. But they LOVE it. They both have copies of the soundtrack in their rooms and I've woken up on occasion to the sound of them acting out the parts of Christine and The Phantom along with the songs. I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch kids fall in love with something that isn't Kidz Bop 8 frillion!

So anyway, I had told one of my friends about the cuteness factor of this whole scene and she had wanted to see them do it. Said friend happens to be a trained singer that was semi-pro prior to having kids. She had spent time touring around the state and was a music teacher as well. She was at the party yesterday and asked if the kids would sing for her. The Diva was all for it, but Boy Jr. was too "nervous". So Diva did a solo performance. Friend was so impressed she made Diva sing it twice more. She couldn't believe how well she sounded for just a little girl. And it really is quite amazing. She is always right on pitch and her form is flawless! But this coming from someone as experienced as my friend is was HUGE! The Glamorous part of me had stars in my eyes, thinking there's a future for her in this. But the Redneck part of me knows better than to start forcing her to do things she maybe doesn't want to do. Plus she is so little. It is exciting for both halves, though, to think that she might have a future in this.

See why the two halves of me get along so well? They really balance each other out most days. ;)


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Stephanie said...

LOL That is a weird obsession for kids.

Diva sounds quite talented.