Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Someone Shoot Me. Now. Please and Thank You.

The last couple of days have been OUT OF CONTROL!

Yesterday was supposed to be a nice calm day. I was supposed to be able to take CJ to baseball, come home, organize some more garage sale stuff, take Diva to T-Ball, then be home for the day to relax.

I left the house at 8:30 yesterday morning and did not get back home until 3:00. I got called into work because these insane storms keep coming through and causing the power to go out. And every once and a while when the power goes out here, it kills our server. Which is what it did yesterday. Since I'm the only one that knows how to do anything and it wouldn't work over the phone, I had to come in. And we still had to have Techies from our ISP come in and fix the internet. The kids and I breezed out of here with just enough time to get to T-ball. Then Glamour Mom took us out for ice cream. The kids decided that I am the coolest mom in the world because they got ice cream and popcorn for lunch yesterday. Some days you've just got to pick your battles!

Then, I came to work today, knowing that it was going to be a little more crazy than it has been in a while. And I was right. Plus now I have to come in tomorrow so co-worker can get things done. Tomorrow was supposed to be my get-the-garage-ready day. Now I'm going to have to stay up until Midnight Friday night getting things ready. And then I have to be up by six to get signs and everything else out.

So, like I said, someone please shoot me. Now. Or at least come and be me for the next couple of days. Please?


speckledpup said...

sorry kid.

garage sales suck...blame it all on the garage sale.
all of it.

Stacy Dawn said...

I'd send you a Starbucks if I could.

Big Sky Girl said...

Wanna go get drunk? Love ya!