Friday, June 23, 2006

Shoulda been a cowgirl

Which is odd, I know. Afterall, I *am* glamorous. But even when I was little, I dreamed of someday owning a ranch--in SoCal, of course--with lots of horses and sheep. And I've since added Alpacas to the mix. I could see myself fitting right in with the cowboys of yore, spending my days taking care of the animals and riding my favorite horse until the sun set every day. I wanted to be that cowgirl with the sparkly sequined shirts, riding through parades and proudly carrying a flag of some sort.

Then I grew up and realized how expensive all these animals are and how much work (and less glamorous) it really would be. But sometimes, I still think I want to be a cowgirl.

Like last night. Our town festival has a western theme to it. When I first moved here, I thought it was odd. After all, aren't most cowboys from Texas and Oklahoma? Why would a small Minnesota town have a cowboy theme? Then I learned more about it, and now it makes all the sense in the world.

The kiddie parade Wednesday night was the first event. Then last night was the first of three rodeo competitions of the weekend. Tomorrow brings a parade, a pageant, and the final rodeo showdown. It's a great weekend. It really is. Especially because I love me some cowboy butts. And I had the cutest one parked next to me all night last night. CB is big into the rodeo. Every year he wishes that he could be a bull rider. The movie 8 Seconds is like his favorite movie. Ever. Anything with cowboy in the title is "his" movie. I swear the boy should have been born during the days of the Wild Wild West.

Yes, I know we are perfect for eachother.

Anyway, this is a really fun weekend. I didn't always enjoy it. But that was when I had lost touch with myself and thought I had an image to uphold. Since I don't give even the slightest bit of thought to what other people think of me anymore, I'm really enjoying myself this year.

Plus there's always the hope I'll see some nekkid cowboys like my mom did a couple of years ago. Some of them boys is CUUU--UUTE! :)

~GR who is feeling much more Redneck than Glamorous today.


Stacy Dawn said...

LOL. The whole thing sounds like a visual yum fest!

Stephanie said...

LOL. I have relatives in Central MO, and some in Montana and they all believe that they are cowboys. They do all own ranches and/or farms, but who is right? Are they both cowboys? What is even more disturbing is when my SIL and BIL get together with the 'cowboys' and then believe they are too by having to dress up in boots and button up shirts every day. Seriously. We live in central WI!!!

Big Sky Girl said...

Stephanie you're so funny! I grew up in Eastern Montana and it drives me NUTS when people think they have to dress the part. I wear boots and jeans because they are hella comfy. And they're easy to find in Montana. I'm a cowgirl, sort of -- I didn't grow up on a ranch but that's primarily because my dad married a city girl who was like uh, no. So we lived in town. My grampa had retired from ranching by the time I was born after having a series of heart attacks. Anyway, not that any of that matters, Carrie, I think it's totally cool that you got the Country Boy -- total opposite of my situation! :-) And he's SUPER. And I don't blame him on the 8 seconds thing -- that is the GREATEST movie ever made. And for serious, who doesn't wanna see Luke Perry run around without a shirt on in some nice ass wranglers? Please.