Monday, March 31, 2008


Can someone get a hold of Mother Nature? Because I'm pretty sure she missed the memo on this whole global warming thing.

Alternately titled: The Twins baseball season opens today. Someone please explain to me WHY they think they need an outdoor stadium?????

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hades, Thy Name is Snow

It's supposed to be Spring, right? I mean yesterday my calendar said that it was the vernal Equinox. So why, then am I getting bombarded with inch upon stinking white inch of snow today? It started at about 6 last night and it is still snowing now. CB says that we're supposed to get at least seven inches of the crap. So, the kids and I decided to make the best of it. Only two little children forgot their snowpants at school. Which meant *I* got to have fun in the snow all by myself. And I built a snow man. I call him Word to Your Mutha:Note the tres chic baseball hat cocked to the side cuz it's hot like that. He has since been annihilated by a certain little boy who was repaid with an impromptu water war in the house.

Now I'm just hoping that the plows get out and do their jobs so CB and I can head to civilization and meet a certain Superstar for lunch tomorrow. We're staying in a super nice hotel and I will not have any children with me for two whole days! Well, a day and a half, but still WOOO HOOO! There are margaritas and glasses of wine with my name on them. If we can ever get out of Podunk.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Contemplations on the whole college thing.

Could it be? Two posts in one week? Will the Glamorous One be back to stay? Will I ever stop asking bizarre rhetorical questions? Only time shall tell. . .

Now that I've got almost a whole semester of college behind me, I feel like I can be contemplative on the whole process. I was thinking last night about all the hassle that friends of mine went through back when we were 21 and 22, them trying to decided where they wanted to start sending their resumes, me a mother of two working full-time at a job that I am still not entirely sold on. Both of the friends I was thinking of went into teaching. Both of them are STILL in school. They took a couple of years off to secure jobs, but are now in grad school, one trying to do it with her husband in grad school as well and a baby due any day now. The other doing it at a more convenient time, having come out of a marriage to an uber-ass that essentially cheated on her after a little under a month (yes MONTH) of marital bliss. So, I get what they are doing, and they get what I am doing.

The thing that scares me the most is that the things I thought daunting the first time I was in college (what if I don't get accepted to the Education program? How do I write a two page essay about why I want to do what I want to do? Am I organized enough to structure an entire day for kids that aren't mine? Am I PATIENT enough to deal with a room full of 20(+?) kids that are not mine?), are even more so now. Because I, like, care and stuff. I care that if I don't succeed at this, I'm wasting precious money that could have instead gone for my KIDS' college experience. I worry that I'm being selfish because there is going to come a time where this takes time away from my kids. I worry that they will resent the fact that I went back to school. Add these on top of the previous worries, and if I don't center myself, I'll drive myself crazy. So when I get those feelings of incompetency, I remind myself that I am doing really well right now. And that I know I am supposed to be a teacher. I know that I can connect with kids on a level that not a lot of people can (I contribute that mostly to the fact that I am horrendously immature and refuse to change). I KNOW that I can make a difference. I just don't always know that I can do what it takes to get to that point.

Another thing that I find interesting is how quickly I fell back into old habits. It didn't take me very long to remember how to ramble along in a paper to finally make it make some sense. Nor did it take me long to remember how to pick out the important pieces of a book without having to read every single page of it. Am I cheating myself? Maybe. But I'm also trying to break myself of it, which is why I'm glad that the classes I'm taking right now are Freshman/Sophomore level classes. They aren't as in-depth as the classes that are coming will probably be.

I'm looking at applying for the Education program at least by Spring semester, and if not then, for sure by Fall of 2009. That means I really only have 3 years to do this. To force myself to grow up in some ways, but still hold on to that "thing" that helps kids who have not the best parents come to me and be so excited to tell me that they lost a tooth (he's a little boy in Diva's class. Problem child extrordinnaire, but him and I clicked the last time they went on a field trip). And sometimes THAT's what scares me the most.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey, remember me?

Remember how I used to, like, blog and stuff? And I used to see y'all out here on the interwebs and it was oh so much fun? Yeah, I do too. But life has interfered with my slacking capabilities as of late, so there has been no time for me to blog. However, I'm feeling somewhat witty today, so I figured I would give a rundown of life to date.

CB's job situation - CB got a new job with the people right here in Podunk. He loves it and they love him. He took a huge paycut, but has been on overtime since he started, and he's not driving 70 miles per day, which means we're actually farther ahead than we would have been had he not lost his job.

My School - Rocks! I've got two A's and a B right now. This is the type of mid-term report that I have not seen since--oh maybe--11th grade. The classes are pretty cool and I'm hoping and praying that I can just be a full time student come Fall.

Weight Loss Challenge - Going pretty OK. Our team is sitting steady at 11th place out of 43 teams, so I'm pretty excited about that. I've only lost 13 pounds, but have gone down two sizes in clothes, so that is awesome. I've had lots of fun buying a few new things--none of them over $20 because I LOVE winter clearance time!!!

Ummm. . .what else? That's pretty much it, I guess. Running the kids from place to place takes up a lot of my time too. CJ is doing basketball (I refrained from bursting into song when he said he wanted to do this.) and loving it (I just may get sports out of this child yet!!!). Diva is doing dance (as am I) and they are both in Scouts. Wanna buy some girl scout cookies???

So, we're pretty much busy every night of the week. Which is good because it's all fun stuff, but there are some days when something gets canceled, and I just want to cry happy tears of joy because I can put on my fabulously comfy sweat pants and stay in my nice warm house. It's been so cold here lately that it is impossible to even go from the house to the car. But yesterday it was gloriously sunny and actually above freezing! Today it's even warmer! Thank the Good Lord that spring is FINALLY on its way!