Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Don't Gnaw On Our Kitties.

CB and I are not your average parents by any stretch of the imagination. We've known that since the day CJ was born. But we're quite content in this insanity we call our life, so that's fun!

Anyway, I make this disclaimer because on Sunday we let our kids watch Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Now, before you get all concerned for the welfair of my kids and call CPS or something, we watched the entire movie in about 45 minutes. Which means we have seen the movie enough times to know when to mute, when to cover the kids' eyes and when to just fast forward. That being said, they LOVED it! Especially Mini-Me. And Fat Bastard when he goes on his tangent about wanting to eat Mini-Me. They laughed their little rears off when Mini-Me tried to eat his kitty (hence the title of this post) and have since become slightly obsessed with the guy.

At daycare yesterday, they went outside to catch frogs. There was a big storm yesterday, and apparently the time to go searching for frogs is right after the storm. I wouldn't know this because I am from the city and we just don't go a-frog huntin'. But the kids caught frogs & brought them home to show me. CJ named his "Mini-Me" and Diva named hers "Barbie" (a girl after my own heart, for sure). We had this grand plan to go let the frogs go down my the river today. Only the frogs (a third called Harry Potter, CJ's friend's frog) decided to escape last night. CJ was all angry when I got up this morning because he thought CB had released the frogs for us. Only CJ didn't and there are now three tiny little frogs wandering around my house. We have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find them. Part of me thinks they crawled underneath the refidgerator and are now dead. Which means that there will be a whole heck of a lotta stink sometime in the next few days. Which also means I will not be cleaning the kitchen anytime soon. So, anyone else had this experience? Any ideas where the damn things ran off to?

Also yesterday, on the Austin Powers theme, Diva kept running around saying "I shall call him Mini-Me". It is so cute when she says it & I spent most of the evening laughing my butt off at them.

Now we're off to the library and to pick up an application for the coaching job. It sounds like it's much more dance than it is cheer, but it might still be fun. And if no one else applies, at least they'll be able to have it.

Later today we are going swimming at one of our friends' house. They have a man-made pond on their property, so it's better than a lake because the water is actually clear. Although, I still don't do so well with the idea of live things swimming underneath me, so I may just take the raft and call it good.


Elleoz said...

I don't really have any advise for catching the little critters, but good luck. I hope you find them.

I love the Austin Powers' movies. Especially the second one. I am sure it is hilarious when your kids quote it. Can't wait till mine are old enough.

Have fun swimming. I'm jealous. I'm stuck here at work :(

Stacy Dawn said...

LOL on the Mini-me's! And good luck with the coaching job

Fidget said...

you might find the frogs cozied up under a lamp shade, they used to congregate around our outdoor lights

PS thanks for bidding I actually used a randomizer to choose my renter this week . I had such a fantastic crop of applicants. Keep bidding!

mominprogress said...

Well we went to the lake last week and they caught 4 salamanders and put in a bucket and for some reason thought it was a good idea to bring into the house. A night later two were missing and I have no idea where they could of went. Good luck on your frog search and I'll let you know if my critters turn up and where :)

Tigersan said...

Mini-Me... hmmmmmmm :)
Everyone should have a Mini-Me...
then... there would be a Mini-You, Mini-We, Mini-Them, and Mini-Us ;)

Bug said...

I. Love. Your. Layout! It's so friggen' cute, how did I not know about your blog before?!??! Thanks for stoppin' by hun, I'll totally be back here again :o)