Thursday, July 27, 2006

Obsess much?

When something is new and exciting for me, I tend to want to inhale anything and everything relative to the new thing. It's the reason that I posted something every single day when this blogging thing was new and exciting to me. It's also the reason why I can sit down and read a book (when uninterrupted) in about three hours.

Lately, that Thing seems to be Wicked. Already I've spent a better part of the last two days researching on You Tube and have watched the equivalent of the entire play at least twice. Once with the original cast and once with the cast that I saw. I've got the soundtrack and it's all that I can listen to while I'm anywhere. And I am going out tomorrow night for the soul purpose of finally buying my own copy of the book. I'll be like this for probably about another month or so, and then it will be something else that strikes my fancy.

In a bit of other news, one of the three frogs that got on the loose has shown up. Slightly decomposed and flattened underneath my garbage can in the bathroom. I don't know when he got there because we looked there on Tuesday and didn't see a thing. I have just finished a major cleaning of my bathroom because. . .eeeewwww!

Also, it's still hot here. Which means that the kids aren't outside much. Which means that the kids, they drive me crazy! I don't know how you full time stay at home moms do it! I swear the more I find for them to do the more they feed off the creativity and their energy level increases. We went to the park this morning before it got too hot. Then they walked with my dad over to his house for a little bit and they've been running around playing in the house for the rest of the time. I might dance the happy mother jig on the first day of school.

While they were playing, I got a chance to watch Rent for the first time. I've wanted to see the play since I heard Seasons of Love for the first time. But it was just. . .meh. I didn't really get into it until the end. And while I'm sure it's TONS better on stage, I'm glad that I didn't blow $80 (or more) on tickets to see it. Later tonight I'm going to watch The Producers and then my husband's brain will explode from all the musicals in this house.

But for now, I am hiding from the younguns and trying to come up with more to keep them busy.


Big Sky Girl said...

Hi it's me :) You should swap out my "Montana" blog for my "big sky" blog. The big sky one is the one i've been writing in because i have more to say. I also just did a survey and i tagged you with it and wanted to make sure you knew to do it. :) Luv ya! raeleigh

Big Sky Girl said...

ding dong i didn't tag you with that one! Scroll down and see where i said something like "i'm tagging superstar, glamorous redneck and ocg"... that's the one I tagged you with. :)

Kel said...

I really want to see the Producers. I suppose that's gonna make me watch the Adam Sandler comedy I currently have so I can return it to netflix. LOL

I hit the "musical" mood after I've seen one. I don't know why but it's like I ride the adrenlin rush for days.

Should of seen me after I saw Phantom of The Opera. LOL

Hoping you stay cool this weekend. You'll be cooler than us up north!