Monday, July 03, 2006

No The Garage Sale Did Not Eat Me

I'm posting just because Big Sky Girl was scared that maybe the garage sale gods had chosen me for their sacrafice. The thing actually went pretty well. It probably would have gone better if I hadn't decided to do it on a long weekend, but I made enough moolah to get the kids some more new clothes to replace all the old ones they had outgrown.

It's a strange feeling, having garage sales. When I was pulling all the stuff out to sell, I was getting a little verklempt. I mean, my kids were that. small. And it wasn't all that long ago. It seems like the time has gone by way too fast to be fair. Then I started thinking about people's grubby hands all over my kids' old stuff and I almost packed it all up and put a big "CANCELLED" across the signs that I had made. But I didn't. And there were no grubby people. There were a lot of really nice people. Not even one scary person. Which was kind of disappointing.

Yesterday we went to see the movie Cars. It was THE best kid movie I've seen in a while. We had already decided that it was a purchasable movie not two minutes into it. Even if you don't have kids, it's a great movie. Funny, funny grown up jokes in it, but good fart jokes too. And the kids picked up on some really valuable lessons that can be learned from the movie too.

And now today we are going to finish putting all the garage sale crap away. Then we have gobs of laundry to put away. And other crap to organize. But it's all OK, because I got to sleep until 9:00 this morning.


Stacy Dawn said...

Glad the sale went well! We went to see cars last weekend and it was fabulous...definately on our buy list too.

Cow cool was that.

liberalbanana said...

Yes, glad the garage sale went well, too! Congrats on making some cash and not crying while you did it! :)

I would actually like to see Cars. (WTF - I just kept typing Cats over and over - is that something subliminal?? Get over it, fingers! The show is closed!) Too bad I never go to the theater because it's SO F*CKING EXPENSIVE!!!