Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More fun nostalgia. And, GO SEE MY RENTER!

First things first, my renter for this week is Chelle-Belle. Her blog looks so cool! That's the reason I picked her. I'm looking forward to checking her out more this week, and you should too! Just make sure that if you go there, you leave a comment letteing her know I sent ya.

Now, on to the nostalgia thing. I spent most of my childhood living in one of two apartment complexes that my mom managed. In the second one, there was a single mom from Mexico that had two little girls. She cleaned apartments, which was what my mom had done before she started managing. Needless to say, those two hit it off. And that was good for me because the girls and I were quickly best friends. I remember going to their house to play and Socorro would have her "Novellas" on the TV (Those things have always facsinated me, even though I can only understand like three or four words.). If I would come at lunch time, she would on occasion be making this fabulous chicken and rice dish. I would be able to smell it before I even walked up the stairs to their apartment. And it tasted like heaven. I've never known anyone that could cook like she could. I remember how sad I was when we moved back to the other apartments and Socorro and her girls moved away. I missed my friends, and I missed that cooking!

So why all the nostalgia? Last night when we were watching the fireworks that get put on by the casino in town, we were sitting in the car with the windows down and I smelled it. I smelled the way her chicken would smell as she was cooking it. And it smelled fantastic! It was a great little trip down memory lane. The worst thing of it all is I have NO idea where it had come from. We were parked next to a field, which was next to another field and another and so on. There wasn't a single house that I could see. Had there been one, I probably would have run out of the car and tried to find out who was cooking what! lol

Well, I'm off to the Fourth of July festivities in Podunk Jr. Have a great day!


Stacy Dawn said...

That's cool in a twighlight zone kinda way LOL. Hope you have a great holiday.

chelle said...

Thanks for having me this week! I love your pretty layout ♥