Thursday, July 20, 2006


Everytime I go to the theater, I have certain expectations. And everytime that the play starts, my expectations are totally blown out the window. That was totally the case last night.

In case you didn't hear my obsession the past few days, my mom and I went to see Wicked last night. It was FANTASTIC! I have never been to a play that seriously took my breath away. I sat there when the lights came up for intermission and I could. not. breathe. The singing, the songs, the characters. . .it was all amazing. I just can't even begin to describe it. Just make sure that you go if it comes anywhere near you because it's just. . .wow.

The rest of the day in civilization was fun too. We did a little shopping at a mall, then headed to Marshall Field's downtown Minneapolis. There we tried out some fun perfumes & mom bought some really good stuff. The lady that checked her out then gave us these kick ass samplers of Philosophy's skin care line. And if I had gobs of money to spend firvolously, I would have bought the entire line. She also gave us some yummy samplers of bodywash--Frozen Lemon Custard and Powdered Sugar Cookie. They smell delish and the lady at the counter was my new best friend.

After shopping, we went to Rock Bottom Brewery to have pretzels and Cosmos, then walked across the street to the Orpheum theater for the show. When the play was done, we got out just in time to see the Minneapolis Aquatennial candidates come by in the annual torchlight parade. It was fun to see the girl from our town that's up there as a candidate right now. And I think she was surprised to see us! :)

Now I'm home and the let down has begun. I love Minneapolis. And if I didn't have kids, I would be BEGGING CB to move up there. But I think the small town is the best route for raising the rugrats. For now anyway.

Thanks to everyone who gave input on the weird small town customs. It's fun to hear how different things are in just short distances. So keep the questions coming!


Paul said...

Im hoping to take my wife to see Wicked when it opens in London, she is obsessed by it.

Kel said...

I would of loved to have seen Wicked.

I'm glad you had a good time. It's so funny but I've been downtown so many times I had mental pictures of where you were. LOL

Corse the last time I was in Marshall Fields was before Christmas for their Cinderlla scenes. It was great!