Monday, July 17, 2006

Life is Dull

I think that's got to be my problem. Or at least that's why I've been jumping back into the past so much lately. My life has nothing exciting to post about. The kids haven't done anything blog worthy in quite some time (they are so well-behaved that it's scary sometimes). The CB hasn't done anything to drive me crazy in a while (he's overdue, though, so there's that). The job is mondane, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. So I just don't have anything to really blog about.

Which means I'm asking for your help. What would you like to see? Have any burning questions to ask me? Want me to take (G rated--had to add the disclaimer) pictures of anything around here? It's all up to you. Leave a comment here, and I'll randomly pick a few (or all of them) to blog about!


Stacy Dawn said...

Oh, I know those days. How sad is it that I can't even think of anything for you LOL.

wrigley said...

carrie, we're similar in the fact that we are both 20-something moms who now live in a small rural town but was born and raised in the city.

so, i'm interested to see/read about what certain things (culture, customs) were new to you when you started living in Minnesota that you have never been accustomed to in CA.

i'm sorry if you've done this before. if you have, just ignore this comment.

anyway, have a nice day. maybe have some nice pampering treatment like foot spa, a facial or mani-pedi to take away your boredom. that's the first thing i always think of when i'm bored.