Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm still trying to recover from Tuesday night. I was far too crabby and tired yesterday to be able to tell you all how fantastic the play was. But it was AWESOME! Way better than the one I had seen in D.C. This one was the original Broadway adaptation--absolutely nothing like the movie but fantastic for all the same reasons.

Even better was the relatability factor. With Grease the movie, you have two pretty big name people in the title role. And you know them for the other things that they have accomplished outside of the character they play. But with the play, these people all looked like kids that went to my high school. Each and every one of them carried the character exactly how I had imagined them to be, only without that "big name" thing. It was awesome. And the food was to die for! We had a turtle cheesecake for dessert that literally melted in my mouth. I have NEVER tasted anything like that in my entire life! The only negative was the drinks. At first, I thought I'd be adventureous and try a Mistletoe Martini. It was pretty cool in theory--Vanilla Vodka & some other things that gave it a red and green look. And the drink was gorgeous. But it tasted like cough syrup. Nasty! SO then I went back to my new favorite--Cosmos. Because they are always good, right? WRONG! When that drink came, it was clear! Like no cranberry juice whatsoever! And again with the cough syrup taste. So I asked for a little bit more cranberry in it, and it came back with just a tiny little tinge of pink to the clearness. Bleurgh. But the food certainly made up for it.

Now I'm off to lunch with my cousin. I just happened to run into her yesterday whilst waiting for the kids at school. She's up from somewhere south (like Mississippi or something like that) for the week. And I know the drinks will be good because we'll most likely go to the coffee shop.


Jenn said...

have fun at lunch, I love cosmos. Even more of a fave lately though is just cranberry and vodka. yumm!

Caroline said...

Don't know if you like coffee or not, but if so, next time try an espresso martini. Yum.

ficklechick said...

I would love to see a production of Grease! That was my favorite movie as a tween. :)