Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Hi Neighbor! I'm trying really hard to remain upbeat. One funeral was yesterday, one is tomorrow. All in all, it's been a long week for the kids at this high school. My heart is with them through all of this, but I'm trying to maintain life as normal as it can be.

And it truly is a beautiful day outside today! It's at least 75 gorgeous sunshine and a light breeze. Now, if it could be like this all the time (except for the week of Christmas, when it may snow 10 feet for all I care), I wouldn't whine about living here. But that would make my purpose in life disappear, and I would wither away to nothing. The negative side of all of this is the fact that the no-see-ums are out and about. And I forgot how much those little bastards hurt when they bite! If you don't know what they are, just thank the good Lord that you are safe.

I HATE the political season. It's kind of like Christmas--it starts earlier and earlier every year. Before we know it, the ads for the next president will start the day the first one takes office. But for as much as I hate the crap that leads up to Decision Time, I am OBSESSED with knowing the results. I tried to just go to sleep at my normal time last night, but my mind was racing with wonder. So I watched the news, only to see that the race for governer was essentially tied. This did not bode well for my mind. I can't go to sleep without the resolution, you know.

I got up, checked the stats, and was sufficently satisfied that Mike Hatch would win. Only to wake up this morning and see that our Tim Pawlenty rocked the house and won. The drama! The excitement! The sweet relief that this election is over and behind us!

I'm off to tap tonight, as is Diva while CJ is off to his little plaything. I started back into my workout routine (from which I'd abstained all summer long & was beginning to feel the effects in my pants button) yesterday, and my body is screaming at me today because of it. I hurt all over. So before tap, I'm going to douse my bloodstream with some Tylenol and hope for the best.

I've been working on getting a Glamorous Redneck store open over at Cafe Press. Only I suck at graphic design. Mostly because I don't own any of the Photoshop-type software. But, if I get this store up and running, would you be interested? Or would I be the only one buying a Glamorous Redneck thong? C'mon, be honest! :)


Mr. Fabulous said...

I have tried to do a store too. I does not come easily to me either.

I have up on Cafe Press and am going to do it with Zazzle.

I'll finish one of these days.


ficklechick said...

Two funerals, that is so sad! :(

Anonymous said...

I believe i would like to give glamorous redneck thongs as christmas gifts. ;)

no seriously i would totally buy one... I want a bsg store!!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm, do I want Glamorous Redneck written across my nether regions?? My husband might give it a strange look... hehe

I've thought about doing Cafepress too, but it seems like just one more thing to maintain on-line.