Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I went out with a friend from High School this weekend, and it made me realize just how much I’ve changed in the past [almost] 10 years [gack. I am so old]. We went to “the” bar. Yes “the” bar. While there are two others in town, they are attached to restaurants, so don’t really count as a good old dive bar. “The” bar was having Karaoke, so I figured it would be fun as Friend is a fellow singer.

But we got there and I practically choked from the cigarette smoke. And the longer I sat there, the more annoyed I got. I haven’t been around that many people dropping the F-bomb as if it were breath since high school. I know everyone swears, and I tend to drop my own F-bombs every now and again. But there is a fine line between swearing because there is truly no other word that can express your particular emotion and swearing like a teenager who just learned their first big bad word. Everyone in that bar was on the latter side of the line.

So I left early and started thinking about something another friend had said to me recently. She had told me that she hates it when people change. This concerns me because I KNOW that *I've* changed in this insanely long amount of time. So was she saying it directed at me? Or does she not see me as changed and was just making a comment about someone else?

But doesn’t everyone change? Isn’t that a natural, healthy part of growing up? Because if I came across me at 18 now? I’d probably kick the selfish little brat upside the head.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


Anonymous said...

chances are that she's changed too but can't seem to understand why other people haven't changed in the same ways she has or the ways she expected them too.

everybody changes. its inevitable. i, for one, am glad of it. i'm only 20, but i still wouldn't want to be 18 ever again.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh yes, you are soooo old LOL

You damn whippersnappers! :)

Anonymous said...

She hates it when people change? Change from what? At what point in time did 'people' reach perfection? No offense to your friend, but it sounds like she is living in past; like there is a single point in time when she felt she peaked and has spent the time since trying to keep the world at that point. Maybe not, but people change for a reason, and I for one adore change. Thanks for bearing with me. :)

Friglet said...

We all change, that's what we're supposed to do!

I wish I could go back and knock some sense into my 18 year old self! Wouldn't that be nice?

Jenn said...

we all make changes, some good, some bad. Point is if we didn't change we wouldn't be growing. We have to have growth, thus creating change.

I can't image if I was like my former high school self now. What a disaster.

What is up with using the F-bomb as frequently as we use 'the'? I hate that, show some creativity and pick another word.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who lives in the "people should never change except to be more likable to me" fairyland. I figure she'll grow up eventually, and if not, we'll grow apart.

I'm also with you on the "if I met me at 18. . ." thing. I'm only 28 and I have a lot more growing up to do, but thank goodness I've made progress in the last ten years.