Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not the Mama!*

I didn't post yesterday because I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Have you (other moms) ever just had one of those days where you question whether or not you were really cut out for this whole mom thing? Because that's been me for the past two weeks! I wake up on the verge of ripping all my hair out and curling up in the fetal position and that verge doesn't go away until the kids are tucked safely in bed. A number of factors have contributed to this.

Mostly, I call it a severe case of Christmas-itis. You know the affliction, don't you? During the months of November and December, children all across the world become crazed with the notion of making lists of all the things they want for Christmas. The eyes glaze over, and attempting to talk to them about anything other than the Toys R Us Big Book results in blank stares and a whole lot of "What? I've never heard of that toy before. Can I have it for Christmas?" Followed by much internal screaming by the parental units when all they've said to the child is "It's time to go brush your teeth." Unfortunately there is no known cure for Christmas-itis, other than the actual day itself. The day after Christmas results in the normal, mild-mannered children that you are so accostomed to for 9 months out of the year (the other month is a different affliction I call Birthday-itis, with the same exact symptoms and cure).

Another thing has been the severe lack of listening on their parts. I have to tell them at least three times to get dressed every single morning. And we are constantly running out the door late. So thanks to CB, we have a new plan in effect. Each kid has a list of specific things they are expected to do before school, after school, and at bedtime. It's all very simple things like "get dressed" or "hang up your freaking backpack" or "brush your teeth" and so I don't think asking them to do these things without me telling them a million times is any large feat. We sat down yesterday after school and I explained all of this to them. And if they should make me tell them to do something, it results in losing their videogame time for 1 day/week/month depending on how many times I have to tell them. Both CJ & Diva seem to think this is an acceptable amount of expectation, so I informed them it would take effect this morning.

And when I woke up today, choirs of angels were singing! They were dressed! And fed! And happily playing together without incident. I breezed through my own morning routine and all but skipped out the door to take them to school! Now, if afterschool and bed time goes as well as this AND continues on for any length of time, I just might be the happiest girl this side of the North Pole. . .

*Anyone who can recall the show where a certain baby would say this will be forever on my cool list


Anonymous said...

Interesting plan. Hopefully that will work for you from now through the 24th of December.

Donica Covey said...

The show that Not the Momma came from was the Disney based series Dinosaurs. The baby dinasaur "Baby" refues to call Daddy, Daddy. So whenever he came into the room Baby would say Not the Momma! Not the Momma!" This was one of families favorite family time TV shows. Of course I guess this was the kiss of death for the show...LOL

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Donica Covey

Anonymous said...



My little brother was a BABY when that show was on. My dad used to squat down behind his high chair and use his best baby dinosaur voice and scream "Notta Momma! Notta Momma!" while flailing my brother's arms everywhere when we were at the dinner table. The bro would giggle like mad, as would I, and my mom would just roll her eyes and try to ignore the family that was seemingly raised in a barn.

Ah. Family. So glad I get to see them tonight! :D

Stephanie said...

Oh heck yeah. Somedays I have to go into my room and scream into a pillow so I don;t take the frustration out on the kids.

*The Dinosaurs!!

ficklechick said...

When I threaten to take things away from my kids, it never seems to work!

I end up having to take things away and they just turn around and punish me because they're "bored"!

jenn said...

good luck with the lists. Hopefully the continue to work like a charm.

Loved! that show!