Friday, November 03, 2006

Just for today

Our area has lost another young life. A Junior from the high school in my town was killed this weekend while—ironically—filming a pedestrian safety video. My heart hurts for that family. My heart hurts for the family of the poor girl behind the wheel of the vehicle. A girl that I’ve known since she was 11 years old. She’s got a long road of recovery ahead of her, and I can only pray that she finds strength in the outpouring of support and well-wishing from the entire community.

I didn’t take it into consideration, but after reading an article in the local paper, that makes 9 people under the age of 20 that have lost their lives in the past eight months or so. All of these deaths were freak accidents. Like the paper said, none of these kids were doing anything that parents normally warn their kids against. One was riding his bike, two were on their way to a family member’s house, and now this poor family has lost their son because he was trying to do a really good thing.

It’s amazing, really. Nine people wouldn’t seem like a lot in a bigger city, I suppose. But if you consider the fact that there are maybe 20,000 people in a 50 mile radius, that is a LOT of young kids dying. So much so that a Christian radio show gave a one night concert to the biggest city around here, which has lost the brunt of youth. Five kids in one month I believe.

The realization is making it really hard for me to feel like doing the blogging thing. Now, I’m not going anywhere, because really it’s stupid for this all to upset me as much as it is. I didn’t know the kids, I don’t know their families. The only thing I do know is that I cannot imagine having to bury my child. And that is what’s hurting my heart most of all. I put myself in those parents’ shoes and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I know it’s there. I know it’s strong and just as bright as it ever was. I just don’t know that I would be able to see it through the tears in that situation.

So I’m a little somber at the moment, but it will end. And then I’ll be back in full force, commenting on all of your blogs too. I swear. I’m allowing myself today to be sad. Tomorrow brings a new day, and a fun day for the kids. So come Monday, I’ll be back with stories and possibly pictures of how we spent our weekend.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the loss in your community. It seems like it is even more difficult when it is a child or a young person.

Anonymous said...

awh, take your time, glam. we lost a few kids when i was in high school too, and even though i can only recall two in the four years i was there, any number is too big. it's not silly to be upset... i'd think you were silly if you weren't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie Jo :) {{BIG HUGS}} Like Superstar said, we did lose some in our high school, and it sucks big time. My best guy friend when I was a freshman got killed a week after graduation -- he was a senior. It's hard to believe it's been 8 years since he died. I still miss him a lot and think about him a lot. Also like she said, any number is too big. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys and the families. :)

ficklechick said...

That is so sad. We had an 18 year old girl die here the other day. It seems like there are more and more every year. :(

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh my, that is terrible. I am so sorry for the losses your town has sustained. That is so sad...such a waste.