Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Redneck Rewind

I was so busy telling you about how much I need to get to the city yesterday, I forgot to tell you about my fantastically redneck weekend!

Actually, it was only Sunday that was really redneck, but every day in Podunk is a RND to me.

CB is doing his mighty hunter thing (perhaps a name change is in order? Mighty Hunter might suit him just fine. . .), and he wanted to practice. He’s hunting flying things, so in order to practice, he needed someone to throw clay pigeons for him. No big deal, right? The City Girl figures that it can’t be much different than throwing a Frisbee. So I went out to the “shooting range” (which is actually just some old tires stacked up on either side of even older tree trunks that might possibly hold a paper target long enough for you to shoot at it a couple times) with the hubs and something similar to this:

See? It looks like it would be easy to operate, right? WRONG! After 25 tries (and only actually getting two of the stupid things out of the launcher), I had to quit. Because I could barely feel my arm! Whoda thunk target shooting would be such hard work?

Yesterday it was even worse. And I spent all day having to staple things. Do you know how awkward it is to try and use a stapler when your arm hurts so bad that putting mascara on practically reduces you to tears? Yeah. I ended up using my left arm quite a lot yesterday.

Now today it doesn’t hurt QUITE as bad, but it’s still pretty sore. I told CB that it was the first, last, and only time that I would ever be trying to throw targets for him. At least until we’re millionaires and he can buy one of those $500 set-ups where you sit in the chair and push a button.

After that whole ordeal, we went to see Open Season. Which was a lot funnier than I had anticipated. It’s not a purchasable movie by any means, but it was still good.

Now I’m off to find some high quality pain relievers. . .


ficklechick said...

I had to three hole punch a huge stack of papers the other day and my arm still hurts like hell. At least yours hurts from some real physical effort! ;)

Mushy said...

You should make him swap out with you...you shoot awhile and rest that arm.

I have a similar device I use to toss the ball with my lab. It took a while to get the hang of it, but now I can throw the ball further with a flick of the wrist than I could with arm!

It's good to make things so old dudes can continue to play!

Jenn said...

that looks like no fun at all. If it was me i would probably wack myself in the head. I'm so overly coordinated, you just wouldn't believe it.

BSG said...

Hey Glam! Were you SURPRISED!! I have wanted to send you that book forever and a damn day. It was so hard not to tell you to keep your eyes peeled! Ha ha! I'm glad you liked everything!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jenn. That thing looks like it would be pretty dangerous in my hands - especially to me!

Anonymous said...

Try the Motrin - always works like a darn! I found about your blog through "My own moon" and thought I would check it out. Your blog is very interesting!
I live in a small town - 6 hours away from a slightly larger town - it has a walmart! I know exactly how you feel in the previous post about getting out! Here in the Yukon, we call anything out of the yukon, the "Outside" or "Out". for example, I went "outside" this summer it was great!
Anyhoo, you are a fun read!