Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Best Laid Plans. . .

It’s been a little somber around here the past couple of days, hasn’t it? I guess I’m in a mood. Surely the only way to fix it is for you all to send me chocolate. Loads and loads of chocolate. I’m not picky, but I prefer it with caramel in the center.

But seriously, I think I’m done with the deep thoughts. For the time being anyway. So instead, I present some randomness from my day yesterday:

You know how I was all “I have to go buy this movie today because it’s out,” yesterday? Yeah, well that didn’t happen. I ended up instead trying to strip paint off of our bathroom door. Paint that may or may not have come over in wooden pails on the Mayflower. Which, of course, means that it’s probably laden with lead and sure to kill me. But it won’t come off, so it’s probably no big deal. After hours of waiting, I finally got to take the paint scraper to it, only to have my hand cramp up half way through the job. “See, I’m much too glamorous for these sorts of jobs.” I told CB. He just laughed and rolled his eyes at me. But I’m not partaking in the scraping of the paint anymore. He’s going to pull out the big guns and sand the bastard until it looks pretty enough for me to paint.

Also, last night I was kind of excited. CJ had settled on something that he thought would be interesting. He’d decided to try Cub Scouts. And while I wasn’t totally thrilled with the idea of being thrown into the whole “den mother” thing*, I was excited that he had found something other than the evil PS2 that sparked his interest. So we got to the meeting, only to learn that there isn’t enough interest in this town to merit going forward, so the pack is disbanding. WTF? You couldn’t tell me that over the phone? Whatever!

I felt bad for the boy because we were only there for about 15 minutes. So on our way home, we stopped at the football field to watch his friends play flag football. Only to have THAT called early on account of the freaking LIGHTENING. The hell? Lightening in October is just plain odd. And the downpour that followed was even more odd. That’s the kind of stuff that is supposed to happen in July. Not October. I only expect this to mean that I will have warm weather all winter long. *falls over laughing at the sheer absurdity of that sentence*

So evidently I wasn’t supposed do anything that I intended to do. But oh well. It gave me good stuff to blog about.

* I don't do the scouting thing. I tried Girl Scouts once. I was a Brownie long enough to order cookies & pass them out. THen it was all this "Kum Ba Ya" and camping crap and I? was not having it.


ficklechick said...

Chocolate solves everything! Take it from me, don't volunteer!!!

Jenn said...

I tried girl scouts once too, but didn't even make it to the cookie part.

Now the most involved I will get is purchasing the cookies, but only from the comfort of my own doorstep.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Now you have gotten me thinking about those Caramello bars that Cadbury makes...

Ooh, or those caramel filled chocolate kisses...

Damn you! LOL

Anonymous said...

Where do I send it? ;)

No girl scouts for me... my dad, however, is a proud Eagle Scout (top rank of Boy Scouts)("Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!") and my brother is *oh so close* to his Eagle as well. That's been a big deal in our family. My dad was on the MT Council when we still lived in MT and approved our region's Eagle projects, and basically decided who was worthy and who was not. He also received the Silver Beaver award which is the only award that can be given to a non-scout (and a woman) for service to the organization. My mom was a Den Mother for a year or two as well, back in my brother's Cub days.

It's too bad Podunk's troop is disbanding. Is there another nearby that CJ could join up? There are so many amazing opportunities through the Boy Scouts (my brother got to take a canoe trip at Boundary Waters last summer, which he loved) and it seems a shame that he won't be able to do it now, when he showed an interest. Plus, I remember the excitement of the Pinewood Derbies. Seriously. Don't deny the kid a Pinewood Derby! :)

Anonymous said...

I am an Eagle Scout (like "the superstar" said, "once an Eagle, always an Eagle"), and participating in Boy Scouts taught me a lot of things that I use still today.

I hope perhaps your town will try again to organize a Cub Scout pack. I think your son would have a lot of fun.