Friday, October 13, 2006

Adventures in Chaperoning

I was going to post yesterday, but my fingers were so frozen from being outside that they didn’t defrost until this morning.

I went on a fieldtrip with Diva and at least 150 other Kindergarten and first graders. We went to a pumpkin farm that—if it hadn’t been so unbearably cold outside—might have actually been a really fun place to be.

About five miles away from the place, one of the three buses had a problem and had to pull over. So after about 10 minutes of reorganizing to get the kids from that bus onto the other two buses, we continued on our way.

Did I mention that it was freaking cold out?

And that I forgot my long underwear?

In all actuality, it wasn’t that bad. We were sheltered from the wind (which, hello? It is only October. We are not supposed to be concerned with a 20 degree (F) wind chill.), and most of the activities were inside (unheated) buildings.

After the first two places, we were supposed to eat lunch. And made a unanimous decision to eat on the buses because there is actually HEAT on them. But that was a fiasco as well, because there was another group still on the bus when we got on, so there was nowhere to sit. I had brought a little South Beach Diet lunchable-like thing that I figured I’d have no problem eating. And I wouldn’t have. If we had had tables. My knees did not serve sturdy enough, and I very nearly dropped the entire thing on the floor numerous times.

Once we were finished eating lunch, we went underneath the barn to look at female turkeys. Probably not the best place to go right after meal consumption. I headed back upstairs with one of the kids because he felt like he was going to puke. I wasn’t a bit sad about that because I was thinking it didn’t smell to fantastic myself!

On the way home, it was much less eventful. The little girl that was sitting next to me is one that Diva knows from daycare. We were chatting & I teased “Let’s have naptime!” She put her head on my lap and slept the whole way home. *tries to figure out how to harness her powers for good*

I’m really glad that I got to go along for the ride, I just wish it would have been a tish warmer!

Also, an update on the whole contact debacle: I found the other contact. On the sink in the bathroom. At home. Which means I DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE DAMN THING IN MY EYE!!!!!

Yes, reason number 1,561,284,581 why us “artificial” blondes give the rest a youse a bad name.


Anonymous said...

"which, hello? It is only October. We are not supposed to be concerned with a 20 degree (F) wind chill."

Oh, Glam. If we weren't concerned with a 20 degree windchill by now, there's no way we could ever make it to negative twenty by the beginning of December. And you know that it just wouldn't be Christmas in Minnesota unless we had some negative double digit windchill. Come on!

bleck on winter, huh?

Tracy said...

I hate field trips with kids! It's not so bad now that mine are older, but when they were younger... YUCK!! :)

Good job hanging in there!

Elleoz said...

Can you believe this weather? We aren't as cold as you, but we still had to turn the heat on today. That is unheard of for SC in October! We are usually still wearing shorts at this time of year.

I read on msn that Buffalo got 2 feet of snow. It's all crazy I tell ya!

Sorry to hear that the field trip wasn't as nice as expected. Maybe you can take Diva back when it is warmer?

ficklechick said...

You're such a good mommy. :)

Cheeky said...

I sooo feel your pain - I am still trying to warm up - I don't know if I can handle another Minnesota winter

Jenn said...

glad you had fun, I love field trips!

Anonymous said...

I miss field trips. It sounds like you had fun, though.

I would have to agree the turkey pens right after lunch wasn't a very smart plan.

Anonymous said...

150 Kindergarteners and first graders? You're much braver than I. :)

Stacy Dawn said...

ooooh, sounds like fun LOL. Brave lady!

Mr. Fabulous said...

150 five and six year olds? On a field trip?

I believe that't the...fifth circle of hell