Monday, October 23, 2006

Clues that I am too old for slumber parties

I went to St. Paul for the Women of Faith conference this past weekend. We left Friday afternoon & spent some time shopping beforehand. I had awesome luck & got a new jacket and jean skirt for me, three pairs of jeans, a skirt, cowgirl boots (she is her father's daughter after all) and a shirt for Diva, and a shirt for CJ. After using my coupon from an email I got, I walked out of Old Navy spending just barely $100. That is why I love that store! I had a bunch of fun coupons, but we were limited on time, so I didn't use all of them. Everyone I was with was surprised when I showed up with four rather large bags after just two hours of shopping. It's a gift, people.

Friday night after the conference, we headed back to our SUPER nice hotel room and stayed up all night. All. Night. As in I did not get to sleep from 8:00 Friday morning through midnight Sunday morning. I had little catnaps here and there, but nothing worth tallying up. And you know what the weird thing is? I wasn't tired. Like at all. Maybe it was the excitement of the weekend and all, but I couldn't even get to sleep last night until after 11.

Today, it has all caught up with me. I am wiped. I can barely read, a fact I was made blatantly aware of when I went to the store and bought Tide with bleach in the super mondo mega pack instead of regular Tide in the super mondo mega pack. We are a family of dark colors, so we would probably not use this box of Tide within our lifetime. Hopefully I'll be able to exchange it for the right stuff.

I also had to buy the stuff for the kids' costumes. This will go down on record as the cheapest Halloween ever. Total spent on each costume: $10. Diva is going to be a butterfly, so I just needed to buy her some wings, a black leotard, and black tights. I also bought black sweats for trick or treating because we live in the Frozen Tundra and it's too cold to be cute out there!

CJ decided to be Darth Vader, so I just had to buy him black sweats and a cape. He already had the talking helmet because my mom is a sucker and always buys them fun toys. Needless to say, I am pleased!

So how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, all that stuff from Old Navy for less than $100??!?!?!?!?

I need to find some of those coupons you have.

Anonymous said...

i worked at old navy outlet (even cheaper!) for two summers and i still never ceased to be amazed at the amount of product some people walked out of there with after spending as little as they did. i was never really able to pull that off, even with my employee discount. probably because i always had to have the cute, brand new stuff. i am not a patient girl.

ficklechick said...

I love when Halloween works out like that. It's such a rush to get off so easy!