Monday, October 09, 2006

Or you could just call me Little Miss Crankypants

I should know when it's coming by now. Once a month, almost like clockwork. I get cranky to the point of wanting to run away from everyone and join a circus.

No, not THAT, you fool! I'm talking about the need to get to Minneapolis. That was a condition of my not making my parents' lives a living hell when we moved here: We would go to the cities at least once a month.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to weather that happened or not? Surprisingly, it was fairly consistent. Although the frozen tundra of winter usually put a damper on travel (except for the time we went to Toy Story 2 on Ice. Remind me to tell you about that 4 hour trip).

But since I've been out on my own, it hasn't been nearly as consistent. And especially not since the OPEC oil cartel decided we all needed second mortgages to pay for our gas. Anyway, it usually ends up about four times a year, with intermittent trips to other, not nearly as glamorous, big city locals.

Now I haven't been since July and I'm getting that cranky feeling again. Usually a trip to the lesser towns feeds it, but I was in GlamorousBro's (Lord, he would KILL me if he knew that's what I was calling him. Tee Hee. Perhaps I'll make a shirt) college town just three weeks ago. And here we are, still cranky and still plotting what exactly it would take to get me committed to a Minneapolis hospital (not physical harm, you know, like a mental holiday). But! On the 20th I will be there! And it will be fabulous!

Then again in November, to go see Grease at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater! And in December to take the kids to see the Marshall Field's Macy's Christmas floor downtown. Which will of course mean that with no Dierks or Bon Jovi (shut UP, it's still fun to rock out to 80's music every now and again) or Nickelback concerts in the near future, I will not be back until next June. When the hubs wisks me away after I threaten bodily harm if I do NOT GET MY SHOPPING FIX!


What about you? Are there things that you simply cannot go without for long periods of time? (well, besides the obvious *wink, wink nudge, nudge*)

Bonus question: Next Monday will mark my 100th post here. Any requests and/or recommendations for some super fabulous post?

Also: Update on the whole eye situation. . .I don't think the contact was stuck in my eye after all. Once I got home, I had CB look and see if he could find it & there was nothing. And I talked to the eye doctor and they told me that I should at least feel some irritation, which I don't anymore. So I don't know. . .maybe it flew off to parts unknown. Or maybe it's all rolled up in my eye & I'll go blind. Because that would be oh-so-much fun.


Mindless Dribbler said...

There are plenty but uh...I can't really name'em in public. Well, maybe a couple...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th Post. As for me, I can't go that long without seeing the ocean. It sucks because I live hunderds if not thousands of miles from it, but there it is. I get tehre at least once a year usually, but its an expensive habit to maintain.