Friday, October 06, 2006

Just call me Calamity Jane

I got contacts for the first time this past July. I love having them because I can finally wear the sunglasses that I’ve missed so much since my eyes have been on their downward spiral. But I hate it because I’m squeamish when it comes to the whole “touch your eye” thing. Maybe it’s a complex that comes from years spent being chased around the playground by boys with their eyelids flipped up (guh-ross!).

Anyway, last weekend, CB made a comment that I took great offense to. “I think maybe you’re too clumsy to have contacts.” Bah! He doesn’t know. However, after reflecting upon the events of the past three and a half months (or so), I do believe he may be right.

Case in point:

July-I lost one of my contacts down the drain. It had been bugging me, so I took it out. And dropped it down the drain.

August-Wore one inside out all day long one day. And wondered why my eye was bugging me.

September-I quit wearing them halfway through the month because it just was not working for me.

October-Last Sunday I almost dropped ANOTHER one down the sink. This is what caused CB to make the above stated clumsiness comment. Then about 20 minutes ago I was making up new file folders at work & one of them whipped up and hit me in the eye. Now I can’t tell if it sent my contact careening out of my eye to parts unknown or if it’s lodged underneath my skull. All I do know is that it ain’t where it’s supposed to be. My eye has been watering profusely ever since it happened, so I’m leaning towards the latter option. This has led me to believe that filing is dangerous work and should be halted at once!

OK, so maybe I am a little bit clumsy. So anyone know where I can get a stylish pair of safety glasses?


Mushy said...

You sound just like my wife...we started calling her "Lucy"!

Bug said...

lmao! Note to Self: Don't let GR touch any of our contacts.

I'd never make it with contacts either...hence the large glasses I keep at my neck at all times *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Glam, it does just take some getting used to. :) I have had contacts since my sophomore year of high school, and I had a rough go of it at first too. You'll get better. I'm guessing the contact IS currently lodged in your skull, but if you (with your eye shut) just rub your eyelid around in a circular motion, you might be able to get it to come down. ORRR (and this sounds gross) pull your eyelid up and you might be able to see it and pull it out. If I was there I'd show you how to do it. :)

Have a fab weekend!! Hugs!

ficklechick said...

Go get Lasiks! Then you can drop all of those contacts down the drain. I wore contacts most of my life, until I got Lasiks. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Jenn said...

you're probably not accustomed to them yet. It takes a while. I still drop contacts down the drain, or accidentally put one in inside out. I've worn contacts for 8 years.

It will get better.

cmhl said...

I got contacts in the 7th grade and have worn them ever since, and I have dropped MANY down the drain.. hang in there!

Keith said...

Took me about 4 months to get used to putting them in as an adult... I also hated touching my eyes... I just learned to "Look Up" while popping that little sucker in it's place... hehe