Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The One Without A Title

I just haven’t quite known what else to write about. The 2996 project was so much more than I had anticipated it to be, and it left me drained. But life goes on, I suppose. And I still have nothing good to write about. It sounds like it might become an annual thing, so I hope you’ll all consider being a part of the tribute next year!

Work has been INSANE. You know how I was all excited because I was going to have three whole hours to myself almost every day? Yeah. That’s happened ONCE since school started. I’ve spent every other day working right up until it’s time to get the kids from school. And then yesterday, I had to go pick Diva up because she was spiking a 100.3 temperature! She got her shots on Monday, so the Dr. figured it was just a reaction. When she got up this morning, she was fine, so I suppose that’s what it was. I felt so bad for her because her leg has a big bruise where they gave her third shot and she was limping! But when I asked her if she wanted to stay home she said “No way!” Glad that one of my kids is enjoying school.

But! The Remodeling Project That Will Not End has ended! And it’s GORGEOUS! One of these days when I get the afternoon to myself, I’m going to take pictures. But I can pretty much guarantee that the pictures won’t do it justice. I had a vision in my head and what is on the walls is exactly what I had imagined. I LOVE my new office! It’s my little beach away from the beach. The walls are called “Desert Sand” and the trim is the color of palm tree bark. Perfect.

So, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. Today is picture day at school, so I’m excited to get those back & have school pictures for both of my kids!


ficklechick said...

Why is it that no matter how much scheming and planning we do, us mom's never get time to ourselves?

Mr. Fabulous said...

I’m excited to get those back & have school pictures for both of my kids

Why? Do you forget what they look like? :)

Tracy said...

I'm with FC -- why do we never get time to ourselves?? Even when no one is here I don't get "me" time... it's not fair!

the superstar said...

I remember when my brother was in Kindergarten and had to go get those shots... they gave him one in each leg and both of them knocked out any hope of using them for a few days. Of course, my mom was a genius and scheduled the doctors appointment for the day of his best friend's sleepover b-day party. And he refused to stay home. I still remember his friend's dad carrying him into the house the next afternoon. One of the few times at that age I actually felt sorry for the kid... :)