Saturday, September 02, 2006

Go See My Renter

Because frankly, she rocks. Poppy is not only a blogger that I visited long before I'd even heard about blog explosion, but she's also one of the posters on my new favorite website, Mammarazzi. The are snarky and hilarious and I stop by all the time. So why don't you go there now.

But make sure you come back here tomorrow for another edition of Slacker Sunday where I dig deep into the cesspool that is my high school poetry journal.


Poppy Buxom said...

Hi--thanks for renting to me!

I'm glad you're enjoying Mamarazzi. Contributing to Mamarazzi gives me a whole new outlook on the news. Like whenever Britney falls down on a Thursday, I'm all "YES!" because I do the Friday entries AND I NEED MATERIAL. Of course, I don't wish Sean Preston any harm, but still.

Grins said...

I've been to see Poppy before but you're right she is worth the visit.

Tigersan said...

Me be on the way :)