Thursday, September 28, 2006

Glamorous Doctorines

I felt like having some self affirmation statements today. Wanna add to the list? Leave a comment.

I believe. . .
. . . that the kind of day you are going to have is directly related to how your hair looks when you’ve finished it in the morning.

. . . that there is no spousal argument that cannot be solved with chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or any combination thereof.

. . . that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than your child(ren) when they sleep at night.

. . . that a manicure can turn a bad day around.

. . . that margaritas are the most perfect alcoholic concoction on the planet.

. . . that a good cry every now and then is good for our insides.

. . . that you are never—ever—too old to twirl.

. . . that everyone can be a rockstar—in their car.

. . . that there is no greater picture of God’s sense of humor than looking at your child and knowing that your mom was right.

. . . that a good hair day is cause for celebration.

. . .that it’s OK for me to be happy right where I am.

. . .that it’s OK for me to want to move back to CA just as much as I want to stay here.

. . .that it’s OK to be a nerd. So long as we’re cute nerds.

. . . that good friends never really grow apart.

. . . that there are some days you just aren’t meant to get out of your pajamas.

You're next!


Jenn said...

I'm a nerd for sure. Cute? that too. I'm good.

Thanks for the list, this was great. Aren't they all cute when sleeping?

Mr. Fabulous said...

...Every so often it is a nice pick-me-up to pick up a hitchiker and murder them and dump them into a shallow grave. Perks me right up.

Battlerocker said...

...that someday, I'll figure all of this out.

web_loafer said...

I did like the
"everyone can be a rockstar—in their car." line, but methinks you worry too much about your hair. What size ball cap do you wear, I'll send a few your way.
Being a self proclaimed redneck, you'll know which way to wear them.

OldGuy said...

... that if you see something wondrous in nature you have to show it to your kids, no matter what time of day it is, even if it means waking them up.