Monday, September 18, 2006

Hello, My Name is Ranty McRanterson. Or "I'm telling you baby, that's not mine."

There was a letter to the editor in our town paper this week that really pissed me off. The writer basically said that all young people (the title of the letter was gen X’ers which REALLY pisses me off because she’s lumping a whole GENERATION of people (which doesn’t even include the kids she’s talking about) into one stereotype. And that does not sit well with me) are lazy, mean, disrespectful people who do nothing other than sit around waiting for handouts and bribe/extort their money from their parents. She also says that she fears for our future if these are the kind of people that are set to be future leaders. I have read this letter several times because I couldn’t believe this lady had the cajones to write something like this!

Then I got really pissed off. Because while there does seem to be an epidemic of laziness in today’s teenagers (around here, anyway), for every one that behaves in the way she generalizes an ENTIRE group of people, there are at least five kids that are the exact opposite. And it bothers me that she stereotypes all these kids into one type of person, then writes a damn letter to the editor to whine about it. I’m tempted to write one too. I feel sorry for her if the way she describes kids is the only way that she’s seen them, but don’t go and write to the paper! Kids don’t need the adults in their community telling everyone that they think the kids are lazy and disrespectful! They need the adults to guide them towards the way they can excel and be the best at what they’re trying to do. So what did this lady accomplish other than piss me off? Maybe some kids will look at it and say “whatever, I’ll prove you wrong,” but maybe some will look at it and say, “well, if this is the way the adults feel about us, screw them. I don’t need to try any harder.”

So that’s why I’m tempted to write the letter. To tell these kids that not everyone in the community puts 400 kids into one little box and calls them worthless. What do you think? Should I do it?

In other news, CJ bought some really cool rocket balloons this weekend. Balloons that happened to come with a pump. Now, every time I hear him blowing up his balloons, I keep thinking of Austin Power’s Swedish Penis Enlarger—because that’s exactly what it sounds like! Especially when CJ’s trying to blow the balloon up in a hurry. It’s highly entertaining for one and all. But I don’t think I’ll explain to CJ why it’s so damn funny to me just yet.


the superstar said...

Write a letter! If everybody just lets her sit by it'll be like what she said is ok.

I've been told (but don't have specific stats to back it up. eh. it was a reliable source) that my generation is the largest the US has seen yet. So, maybe there are more lazy teens around, but maybe that's just a proportional number. I wonder if anyone has thought of that?

There are some extremely intelligent hard working people of this generation as well. I've met them. They amaze me. Sure, the world would be better if we had more like them, but then again, they wouldn't be so unique and wonderful if we did.

bsg said...

I'd write the letter too Glam. There was one in our paper not too long ago and actually some of the kids wrote a letter back. It was very well written and they made some excellent points. But I think as an "adult" in the community, the kids would appreciate you sticking up for them!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I agree. Don't let that be the last word. It's not fair to all the kids out there who are really good. A lot of young people are doing really awesome things in the community.

Molly said...

Write the letter! Let's face it, there will always be kids that we think are lazy good for nothing teenagers, and there will always be kids that surprise us and behave outstandingly. You know that when we were kids adults were saying the same thing about us. But I think it would be wonderful to stand up for the kids and give the old bag a good talking to!

ficklechick said...

Exactly what ages qualify as Generation X? I've never understood that term.

Battlerocker said...

I think you should write the letter. I think this woman suffers from a poor memory more than anything else. Teenagers are lazy. That's not a slam against them. It's a description of that stage in life. Kids do not work as hard as adults. Period. Sure, some kids do, but then again some adults work much, much harder than others as well. I fully believe this woman was much lazier as a child than she is now. She merely choses to rationalize her present life by pouring contempt on those not around for the good-ole-days. Kids are not supposed to work as hard as adults. It would make for a pretty aweful childhood. I'm not saying they should do nothing, but the day that a group of responsible teenagers is working as hard as a group of responsible adults, is a sad day for the adults, not the teens.

Bug said...

You should totally write a letter responding to that crazy bizotch *chuckle* As a "kid" myself I'd appreciate you doing something like that...people who just pile us all together are just plain ol' ignorant. That would be like me blaming all old people for being bad drivers and grouchy fuckers who smelled like cheese. The flip side of the coin on that one sounds just as stupid. *shakes head*