Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet Relief!

Yesterday it was 100 degrees (F) out. That's HOLY-HELL-ON-EARTH in Celcius. That was just the temperature. Add to it the 70% humidity and we had a heat index of 118! And it was the fourth day in a row of that crap. The kids were going stir-crazy what with the no outside-ness and the don't touch mommy because it's to flipping hot to have anymore skin touching my body.

But! Last night! It rained! And choirs of angels sang down and said "Here! Sweet Relief!"

And I replied with "'Bout damn time, thanks much!"

So it's much nicer outside today, but the chilluns still cannot play because of all the rain. It does seem, however, that everyone's attitudes have changed once the temperature got back down below boiling. Or maybe it was just my attitude that needed to change because I wanted to kill anyone that came within ten feet of me. Nah. I'm sure EVERYONE had bad attitudes.

It's hard to believe that it's already August 1st. In just 25 days I will be the mom of a 7 year old. This does not seem possible for the girl who refuses to grow up. But I will be appropriately torturing him starting today by making him read for a half hour every day. I think I mentioned this before, but the hubs is on the bandwagon now. So that means that it will all happen. Because I am insanely lax when it comes to ritual-type thingies. That's why I don't have a workout routine. And also why I do really well at things for the first couple days, but then it's all down hill. But the hubs is a perfectionist extraordinarre. He will ensure that all of us spend our time reading.

So, since I didn't go get my book on Friday (too damn hot out!), we are making a trip to the little town that's 12 miles away, but has stores! With books! for me to pick up Wicked today. Because the Good Lord knows that I will not be spending a half hour of reading anything that's--like--enlightening or something.

We'll also be showcasing our extreme nerdery by watching day three of Shark Week on the Discovery channel. Yes, it's the highlight of our week and no, we do not have a life.

But! I get to be child-free on Friday night so CB and I can go see Talledega Nights! I'm so very excited! Not only for the hilarity that will surely ensue, but also for No Kids! At my house! For a whole night! Which means no sleep interruptions by people who sneeze and talk and snore and do all sorts of weird things in their sleep!

So you see, sweet relief abounds beyond all measure!


Kel said...

It was so horrible yesterday, I couldn't stand it!

Today we are getting storms too, but it's still so muggy out that there is just no relief yet.

jessica said...

it's been hotter than hell here, too. add that to the flooding we had and we're going to start farming mosquitos in 5 days.

glad you guys got a little relief!

Stacy Dawn said...

Sure, and we're in the middle of the heat-wave right now!

LOL on the sleeping. Do kids just have too much going on up stairs to keep it in at night. My son says the funniest things in his sleep.

Battlerocker said...

I cannot wait to see Talledega Nights. It's been hot here too. I hope relief come soon. And that it stays off the news. :)

courtney (the superstar) said...

wicked is an AWESOME book. have fun reading. but at a half an hour a day? it'll take you awhile...

great blog by the way... found you via bigskygirl.

Alex said...

yeah I know how you feel, we're going through a heat wave here too...