Friday, August 18, 2006

Go See My Renter

Cuz I've got nothing. And she's way cool. Plus her template is b-e-a-yootiful!

But, if you're insistant on staying here, I give you random thoughts that have coasted through my brain this morning:

I went to check my gmail account this morning and was going to type Hmmmm. . .if only it was that easy to find.

I tried to go to bed early last night & was fine until CB came in and turned on the freaking light an hour after I’d already fallen asleep. Which caused me to think very evil thoughts towards the husband. And stay awake until after 1 in the morning. So I’m even more tired than I would have been if I would have just stayed up like I normally do.

I am completely out of things to write about on this site.

My baby goes to school in a little over three weeks. This is starting to set in more the closer it gets. I have a feeling I may be a wreck that day.

Our church is celebrating its first anniversary this weekend. Hard to believe I’ve only known some of these people that long. Because we click like we’ve been friends forever.

I have a Star Wars birthday party to plan. I know nothing about Star Wars other than the fact that I watched the old movies for the sole purpose of seeing the cute little Ewoks.

I am still addicted to MySpace. But the one person I want to find more than anyone else in the whole world seems to have disappeared. It makes me want to go ask Oprah to find him for me.

I might get a girls’ night out this weekend too. This would probably lift my spirits immeasurably. Because this girl needs a night out more than she could ever explain.

I have a post all written up about the boys that I’ve loved. But then I started to wonder, “is this really worth posting?” So I’m asking you, do you care? It scares me, though. Because what if someone that I know actually came across it? Some of the boys never knew how I felt about them. And what if *they* were to somehow find my blog? You could just shoot me dead, that’s what.


Big Sky Girl said...

Hey Glam! Thing is, even if those boys find out, you're in a very happy relationship with a couple pretty terrif kiddos. Where I am in my life now, I'm totally cool telling boys I used to LOVE that hey -- I had a mass crush on you in high school. Most of them are all hooked up now too, and if they're not hey. Let them wonder what could have been. ;-) I don't think it'd be as bad as you think -- and if they find it, it means they're looking for it, cuz the chances of them stumbling across it are so slim.

Anyway, I'd love to hear about it! Maybe I'll do one too. ;-) When I'm married and a little more secure. :)

Lisa said...

I'd like to read about it. You don't have to name them, use aliases and they'll never find you lol

I wrote a post in March about our local firefighters and included a picture from the front page of that mornings paper. I also included the name of the fireman in the pic (seemed only fair).

Well guess what?? Just two nights ago that very fireman had been googling his name for something else and found my blog and wrote me a sweet little email to thank me for my support of the fire services. I was so blown away it took me a good 24 hours to reply to him! lol

Just do it, noone's going to find out if you call them tom, dick or harry or whatever lol

Kal said...

Yeah, let's see it. Give 'em nom-du-blogs and fudge a detail or two.

What other reason than getting all manner of intimate details about people do we not even know do we all blog anyway?

Janet said...

Maybe Oprah is behind My Space, too. I mean she's behind everything else. I'm not saying anything. Just think about it.

Here through Grins!:)