Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh Back to School. . .back to school. . .

The brother is all officially moved in. Or something. His dorm is really cool--especially since once school starts it will be a single room.

He’s going to a small college about two hours from here, and the lucky rat gets to be in the only dorm with air conditioning.

Actually, he was lucky last year too. His dorm was right next to the food service and on the main floor.

This year, he’s not on the main floor. He’s on the third floor. Even there is air conditioning, they conveniently neglected to add elevators. And he packed all his stuff into super heavy bags that were taller than me.

Add to that the fact that it was so humid yesterday that there was a haze in the air, and the ride home in the car was not pleasant. I was just glad the brother wasn’t along for that! The temperature was only like 75, so it could have been a perfect day. But it had to be 100% humidity because it felt way hotter than it was.

We made it back to town just in time for me to go to practice for singing at church, so I rushed in the house all quick like, kissed the hubs and was back out the door again.

Then I came home and took a shower and died.

Today I am still tired, although I’m surprisingly not sore. And I have three extra girls coming over to my house for a while today. Think I can convince all of them that we need naps?

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Kel said...

Yesterday was so funny. It looked so nice outside, until you actually *went* outside..then it was horrible. UGH!

I'm glad to hear you aren't sore today!