Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bats in My Belfry

So last night at about 2:30 in the morning, Diva woke up crying because she’d had a bad dream. I went in her room and she told me that she had dreamt that a butterfly was flying around her room and she woke up and it was real. I tried to calm her down, but then she pointed up to the ceiling, “See, there it is again!” and I just about died.

It most certainly wasn’t a butterfly. And it took the thing flying through a couple of times for me to realize what it was. There was a bat flying around our house!

First I had Diva tell me when it had flown back out of her room, then I realized there were still two other rooms the thing could fly through and it needed to be OUT of my house.

So I opened the door again and immediately dropped down to the floor, all commando style and crawled back into my bedroom.

“Umm, CB?”

Half-mumble, “Yeah?”

“I think there’s a bat in the house.” I was amazed at my calmness.


“So, will you take care of it, please?”

“I’m not dealing with it tonight.”

At this point every curse word known to man ran through my head. “Please? There is no way that I will be able to sleep knowing that thing is flying around. Besides, I think its landed over there.”

He mumbles a few more inaudible words (surely cursing me the way I had been cursing him) and gets up. I took Diva in my room and got back on my bed. Then the bat started flying in our room too. I screamed like a little girl every time it did its little swooping circle thing. And I stayed under the blanket until he told me that he’d smacked it and thought it was dead.

Then I woke CJ up too and told him what was going on. And I had the kids bring their sleeping bags in our room so we could close the door.

CB went downstairs to get something to get the bat with and I swallowed down my shrieks so I could stand watch and make sure the dumb thing didn’t fly away again.

He came back with gloves on and a bag to put it in. And our Swiffer with the extendable handle. He used that to push the bat out from underneath the radiator.

The damn thing was still alive! It started squeaking this horrid squeak and I was back under the covers in no time. But CB had it held down with the Swiffer and was laughing because it kept trying to bite it. Yes. Really funny, dear.

He finally got the thing in a bag, so he took it outside and beat it profusely with a two by four.

Everyone was wide awake for quite some time, giggling and talking now that the bat was safely out of our house.

I’m tired as hell and am just hoping to make it through today without falling asleep.

Edited to add: A little disclaimer. I don't often think before I speak. Which means that I often don't think before I post either. It didn't dawn on my that not everyone would just automatically know that we don't usually go off a-killin' around here. In fact the last three (yes three. Did I mention that I hate this house?) times we've dealt with a bat in here, we've let it go on about it's merry way. Because like Cat said, they eat mosquitoes. Lots of them. And since people in this state call the mosquitoe our "unofficial state bird", the Good Lord knows there are a plethora of those little bloodsuckers around. I just think that CB was frustrated and tired and he took it out on the bat. Plus, they have rabies and are scary and I do NOT want them in my house. So the duct tape should save anymore bats from meeting the same fate. I'm sorry if it offended anyone, but that's the way it goes sometimes.


Christina_the_wench said...

Those are things nightmares are made of. ~shivers~ Why do men think it is ok to laugh at our hysterics? Damn them, anyways.

ficklechick said...

OMG!! That would've freaked me the hell out!!!

You were a lot braver than I would've been. :)

Elleoz said...

I absolutely hate bats. We had them in our house when I was a kid a few times. Gives me the heebie-geebies just thinking about it.

Glad it is out of your house.

Kel said...

I totally hate bats. When I lived in the country the only reason I liked them was because they ate the bugs. LOL

Glad the drama is over, even though it was probably scary for both you and the bat.

Big Sky Girl said...

Glam I am totally going to go post my bat story on my fab new blog just because it is SO SIMILAR to this one... go check it out.

the superstar said...

urgh. bats. there were mice running around in the CEILING TILES at my grandma's place this weekend. the sound of their scurrying feet in quarter-inch tiles you just KNOW they're going to eat through to then jump on your head... not pleasant.

i'm in monticello, pretty close to the cities, but i'm going to moorhead for school in a few weeks. how much fun would meeting be?! i love to make bsg jealous:)

Crayonsetc said...

I have so been there. I remember when we had one fly in our apartment... before the time of children. The cats decided they wanted to get it!!! (and that was before our trip to Carlsbad caverns... not sure I would freak quite so bad now ;) then again, Yah, I probably would!!! LOL

Cat said...

We had a bat in our house too not too long ago and it became a big issue. We finally got it out but we let it free because they are wonderful for the mosquito population...they eat them by the thousands.

I'm considering, as much as I hate bats, building a bat house near our home so that they don't come IN our house and stay in their house...but we can still have the benefit of them eating mosquitos around here.

I did a post and I have MAJOR close-up photos of the bat we caught. CREEPY but neat.