Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Think a Change Would Do Me Good

So I didn’t get the coaching job. Which is totally OK. It wasn’t like we actually NEEDED the money. And a friend of mine that is a single mom got the job, so I’m totally fine with it.

It was probably a good thing anyway. I’ve never really tried for something that I didn’t think I would get. Which is probably cocky, I know. But it’s not really like that. I applied at the college that our high school used for our free college classes, at which I was already a student anyway. I’ve always applied for jobs that I knew I would get just because I knew no one else would apply. So this was the first time that I actually took a stab at something that I didn’t KNOW was a sure thing. I’m glad I did, because it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.

And I had started posting this yesterday, but I got interrupted by a VERY gorgeous man knocking on my door. Seriously, it was insane! He was dressed all nice with a black polo & khakis and some bad ass sunglasses. Clean cut with dark brown eyes and a slight tan. GOR-GEOUS. He had a slight southern drawl to his voice and I could have just listened to him say my name all damn day. Oy. Sometimes life just ain’t fair!

He was a salesman for some carpet-cleaner thingy but I was NOT paying attention. Unfortunately I don’t have any carpet worth cleaning because it’s all getting ripped out, but he did say that her would come back if he had the attachment for cleaning hard wood floors with him. And I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t spend the rest of the day with a super-tuned ear to the door. . .

He didn’t come back, and that was probably OK too. But I was sure glad that I had decided to put on makeup yesterday morning!

Today I went to get my hair cut. I’ve never found someone to be *my* hairstylist, so I just usually go to the same place and hope one day there will be someone there that will know just what haircut would be perfect for me and just do it. And today was not that day. Today I had a guy cut my hair for the first time. And he was nice enough, but you could just tell he’s more of a “barbershop” kind of guy than a “hair salon” kind of guy. Plus he was HUGE. He was sweating profusely the whole time he was cutting my hair. Ugh. And the hair is OK. But I just wish that I could find THAT person. The person who is a miracle worker and could tame my slightly-wavy-but-not-wavy-enough-to-be-cute hair into a fantastic style that is both chic and only takes five minutes to style.

And now I’m sitting here with some blonde in a bottle, contemplating if I really want to go back that route. Luckily it’s a kind that washes out in like 6 weeks, so if I hate it, I don’t have to live with it long.

Can you tell it’s time for something to change in my life? This is the way it goes. I get the “everything is too similar” feeling and things have to start changing. When I wasn’t living in this house, that was solved by me changing around the living room furniture. But this house only has one way that the living room can be. Diva doesn’t want her room changed around & CJ has way too much crap in his to try and change it around. Our room can only be one way too. But I’m going to beg on CB just a little bit to see if we can repaint in there. Maybe that will make me feel better.

So I’m off to stare at the hair dye some more & try and get my kids to JUST. STOP. FIGHTING. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


liberalbanana said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get the job. But I am very glad that you're taking it well. It's hard not to get a job that you want. I just applied for a new job, too. We'll see how that goes!

About the hair dye - I recently went back to coloring on my own because my hair guy charges SO much. I was reading the boxes at the store obsessively and noted that on one of the "temporary" hair color bottles, it said that if you're going lighter (and/or didn't it say darker???) that it WILL be permanent! I know that doesn't make sense - but I just remember thinking, "Then what's the damn point??" So I guess if you're going lighter, there's no way it's going to fade back to your natural color because you've stripped some color OUT. Ah, the evil circle of hair coloring. *sigh* Good luck!

the superstar said...

yeah... to go lighter you have to take YOUR color out, and the new color will fade but yours won't come back.

plus, i dyed my hair darker with the 32 wash stuff in April and it's still not gone. If you absolutely must have your own color back eventually, think twice.

Elleoz said...

Are you sure you aren't me? I totally could have written this myself.

We have a lot in common, you and I. My name is even Carrie. :)

I think it is just a universal truth that our hair is never how we want it to be. Unless we spend hundreds of dollars and then we regret it for months.

Good luck with the home coloring. I used to color mine, but haven't since I got married. I think it is about time though since the grety is starting to replace more of the auburn than I would like.

Have a great day!