Friday, June 08, 2007

Phrases I never thought I'd utter on our summer vacation. . .

. . .let alone utter multiple times:

-Diva, please do not sit on your brother's head

-No really, I'd be totally fine with staying home tonight

-Are you SURE you don't want me to just cook something here?

-Seriously, I'm TIRED of SHOPPING

-I don't feel like trying on any shoes today, thanks.

-I'm not having any fun spending money

-Do we HAVE to leave town? Again?

Thank goodness life gets back to normal next week!


Jennifer McK said...

LOL. This falls under the heading of things I NEVER thought I'd say out loud as a mother.

"Get that out of your mouth"
"No, you can not lick the dog back."
"I want to sleep ALONE."

SupComTabz said...

LOL... that's awesome.

Lucy said...

How about

"No, you CANNOT hit your sister, for any reason"

"Please get the dogs tail out of your mouth"

OR - the big one, I swore I'd never say as a parent

"Because I SAID SO!"! lol

lemonade said...

tired of shopping..?? really..?? i dont believe u :)

anyway..chanced upon ur blog..n fell in love

PS:I love "leave the pieces" too..!!

Princess Banter said...

Just to make sure... you weren't on drugs or anything right? Haha ;) Loved this post... funny!

Mommy the Maid said...

So many new phrases have come out of my mouth since becoming a mother. LOL

Molly said...

I just heard a mom tell her son "because you are not the boss of me" in the supermarket today and hope that I never have to use that one!

MisstressM said...

Sounds fun. This summer my daughter is going on vacation with my mom. So I get to be alone! For two months. Without her! Not sure if I am going to get used to the freedom or not.

Friglet said...

You won't hear me saying any of those things! lol