Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cowboys (sadly, no butts)

I was all gung-ho to get y'all some cowboy butt pictures. However, the digital camera is still a fairly new toy and CB decided to lay his claim on it for the night. And he's lots taller and stronger than me, so I let him have it. I do have some cowboy pictures, though:
I guess this one is SOMEWHAT of a butt shot.

Bronc rider gearing up to get out of the gate

Can we all say ouch? I don't know how those guys do that!

My favorite little cowgirl

And finally, my favorite cowboy of them all. Acting all "bad-ass" and "no, I will not smile for you, just take the damn picture you freak. What are you using this for?" Me:"Umm, myspace?"

So there you have it. Sorry, ladies, but it's the best I could do!


baseballmom said...

Okay, you tried...there were a few butts, and a few sorta butts, and also Glamorous daughter was so cute! Glamorous Husband is sorta hawt too...heh.

Molly said...

I missed the rodeo in town this year and I am so sad now that I have seen your pictures because it is so much fun. Obviously I mean my town and not your town as I live so far away!!

Glad you all had a good time and your hubby looks like a cute cowboy!

MisstressM said...

Good enough. I will accept.

RockinMom said...

A for your effort on trying to get the cowboy butt shots. :)

the superstar said...

awwwwh, the cow-people in your family are just too adorable for me. how do you LIVE in that house? i would OD on cute.

bsg said...

tell my boyfriend (and by that I mean your husband) that the belt buckle has to go.

Diva looks beautiful as always. And country boy is still hot. As long as I don't look at the buckle. It give me a seizure.

ANO said...

I always end up taking butt pictures, even without trying! It looks like you had fun!

Jennifer McK said...

GREAT pics. Love 'em.