Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mini Van moping and other nonsense

So I'm still not over the whole fact that, yes, I own a mini-van. And I've noticed something since I've been driving it: I get passed a lot more often. Like, a lot.

My car was a Taurus with a 24 valve DOHC engine. I don't know what all that crap means (CB has explained it to me, but all I heard was "blah blah blah FASTER blah blah blah") So, we call it the racecar. And it is fast. And I do not get to drive it very often anymore. But, when I did drive it, I NEVER got passed. Except when we were in the cities because those people drive 900 miles an hour and I am not as experienced at the whole Interstate experience as I would like to be.

Now, however, I am passed at least twice. And I'm only driving ten miles. In the middle of the day. This drives me crazy. I never always drive the speed limit, so I'm appalled that I am still getting passed by people. So what is it? Is my speedometer off? Or do people just think "ahh, it's just one of those law-abiding-soccer-moms, so I'll pass"?? < / rant>

In other news, this week is once again our town celebration. The one where all the cowboys come to town. Diva will be dancing downtown tomorrow night after the kiddie parade. A kiddie parade which we had all decided we were NOT going to be a part of. Until last night when Diva heard her dance teacher talking about making sure you get your clothes changed after the Kiddie Parade so that all the little darlings are ready to dance. Then all of a sudden Diva HAD to be in the kiddie parade. "Fine." I told her. "As soon as YOU come up with something you would like to be in the parade, I will be more than happy to call and register you." Partly because I was not feeling motivated enough to try and be creative about a theme, but mostly because I get too damn competitive and when my kids don't win I take it as a personal insult. So, for the sanity of all involved, we were not going that route.

But then this morning, she had a plan. Now we are rushing to put together a Hannah Montana costume. Luckily she got a really cool microphone for her birthday and has long blonde-ish hair (it'll work), so I just need to buy her some trendy looking clothes and make a sign to decorate the wagon that will supply her lip-syncing music (which I bribed CJ to please please, PLEASE pull for her).

So, I'm off to research our new favorite TV show for fashion ideas.


MisstressM said...

Did I hear cowboys? Please tell me its the REALLY sexy ones. If so....i am on my way. I just need to pack my things.

baseballmom said...

Mmmmm...coowwwboooyyyysss!!! I'm coming too! Hey, maybe you can post some pictures of cowboy butts...

RockinMom said...

I'm with the other girls....Cowboys!? Just give me the time and place. ;)
I know the feeling about being passed while driving a mini-van. It pisses me off! BIG TIME!

SupComTabz said...

It could be worse... you could be driving a bus. (Trying to think of something positive here).

Sounds like fun picking out clothes to look like Hannah Montana! Have fun!

Glamorous Redneck said...

Oh yes, ladies, the cowboys are a-comin'! I'll try for some good pictures and post them for you.

Tabz-Yes, you are correct. I could be driving a bus. Thank you for putting it all in perspective for me! ;)

Melody said...

Ah no! Am about to trade my little Opel Astra in for a "people carrier" as we call it in RSA. Am so tired of squeezing 3 kids + dog and the kitchen sink into it BUT NOW I AM NOT SO SURE!!!!!!!!! I hate being passed - what is that? Some weird competitive thing?