Monday, June 25, 2007

And back to normal we go. . .

I realized this weekend just how much I love our little town celebration. I love all the activity building up to it, and I love to see our little town bustling with hundreds of extra people. It's so much fun to watch the crowds slowly build and build and build until the big parade on Saturday afternoon. Then the final rodeo is put on Saturday night and the big fireworks and streetdance closed out the festivities. And then on Sunday, when all the cowboys have rolled out of town and everyone wakes up, it goes back to the sleepy little town we've become accustomed to. You're lucky if you see three cars pass on a Sunday afternoon. And on the Sunday after our little celebration, that decreases to one lone car driving down main street. A few highlights (and maybe lowlights) of the weekend:

-The rodeo was AWESOME! There were a ton of people and one of our local cowboys that's still in high school rode and scored with the big boys

-It didn't get nearly as hot as it was supposed to. In fact, I had to bring a jacket for the rodeo.

-Almost all of my very best friends were home and I spent Saturday night hanging out with them. I love my friends and I miss them all very much!

-My friend that I was a "special mom" for didn't win one of the royal ambassador crowns at the pageant, and I was more upset than she was. She's just fine with it.

-And finally, the best story of them all: The mini van got assaulted by a golf cart. I was driving down the road trying to get my friend to her house so she could change her clothes before the parade and a golf cart came out of nowhere and ran into the back of the van. I didn't stop because I figured a golf cart couldn't possibly do that much damage to a car right? Well, I was wrong and this is what I ended up with:

Needless to say, CB was pissed. Both at me because I hadn't stopped and at the random person that did it.

Later on in the evening, I was relaying the story to Glamorous Mom who started laughing uncontrollably and picked up her cell phone to call one of our friends. It turned out that the random golf cart assailant was none other than one of my darling twins that I babysat when they were five. I told her that if she didn't like me, she could just tell me instead of, you know, trying to run me off the road!

I'm glad that it was me though and not someone else. Because not everyone would react as if it were all a big joke. I took this picture for the sheer purpose of putting it in a frame for the poor thing.

Now it's back to normal boring life as we know it. And while it's a welcome break from the craziness, I wish it all would happen more than once a year.


baseballmom said...

That sounds like so much fun! Wait, umm, where are the cowboy butts?

MisstressM said...

Yeah! seriously....where are the men in tight pants and sweet asses? Come on!