Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hot in the city Country

We survived our first day of blasting heat. The outlook is bleak, however for the Glamorous Dad who DID NOT PUT SUNCREEN ON MY BABIES! Which has caused them to be sufficiently sunburned almost to the point of blistering. Needless to say I was LIVID. So, I will be lathering them up with SPF 982 to ensure that the blisters do not happen. Because I've had the blisters and they hurt like a mutha.

Evidently all the classes were really fun yesterday and we lucked out with the weather because it wasn't nearly as humid as it was supposed to be. But that sun was HOT. I was just outside this morning and it's actually quite pleasant out there. I just wish that the kids' outside activities were in the morning instead of at 11, 1, and 2. I'll just keep them lathered and hydrated.

I'm feeling like I'm really missing out on all the fun. Hopefully things at work will change in the next few weeks and I'll be able to actually watch some of the games and such. I am planning on taking this Thursday off to prepare for Birthday Insanity 2007. I'll be busy making fairy-sized cakes, stapling curling ribbon together for magic wands, and frosting cupcakes to look like toadstools.

I love all this party-planning stuff, and if I could do it for a living I totally would. In fact, the plans are sort of in the works for some friends of mine. And I think it would work because there are more than enough little girls in this town that would love a state-of-the-art party. So it's kind of exciting!

Now I'm off to drop Diva at her dance and theater classes, then tonight we're going to our first Cub Scout meeting where CB is going to be the Den Leader. It's so cute how excited my boys are about this whole ordeal. I'm just glad that it's started up again because CJ doesn't like the sports so much and needed something that wasn't PS2 to entertain himself with!


Jennifer McK said...

I'm kind of hoping to get my kids involved in Cub Scouts since they too are not huge sports fanatics.
Sounds like you've got a busy couple of weeks planned.
Have fun.

Friglet said...

I want to see pictures of all of your birthday party goodies!

Melody said...

Hey Glam Redneck, this is the Team Leader of the 5Browns! So cool so find another blogging mom.I am the other side of 30, with 3 kids under 6 and I live in Cape Town,South Africa. I know all about SPF and feeling crud with the kids get burnt!Pop by my blog, I post every day, and get a glimpse of life on the other side of the world!

Molly said...

Making your kids birthdays special is the best, because I know how much I remembered what my parents did for me, so you know your kids will too. My favorite was a hedgehog cake that my mom made from scratch without the aid of a shaped pan every year from when I was four to about ten! I loved that thing, it is one of my fondest memories. Hope the birthday party is fun.

Oh, and I am assuming that the party is for a child, unless your hubby likes toadstool cupcakes and magic wands?!!

Princess Banter said...

I love party planning too! I think it's the best part of the party :)