Friday, May 25, 2007

Now I'm Freeeee/Freee birthin'

I happened across an article on MSN yesterday that was talking about the latest trend in labor and delivery of children. “Free birthing” is a supposedly “empowering” birth experience without medical intervention (read the article here if you’re curious). Seriously, it’s legal as long as YOU are the one that catches YOUR baby. It becomes illegal if an untrained husband or friend assists in any way.

This absolutely boggles my mind! Now, we are getting pretty close to six years since the last time I had any labor pains whatsoever. But the pain is still fresh in my mind. It is certainly NOT something I would want to do all by MYSELF! Seriously, who has the wherewithal during delivery to actually deliver your own baby? I couldn’t even remember how to breathe, let alone how to do the whole thing all by myself!

So what’s your take on it? Would you do it, Ladies? I know that women have been giving birth for thousands of years without medical assistance, but the thought of doing the whole thing all alone is frightening to me. And it sounds dangerous!


Molly said...

Hell no I wouldn't do it!! I can remember the pain but I can't describe it, it has been three years, but I do remember being exhausted and a bit more than relieved when he finally came out and I just don't think I would have had the strength or the energy to "catch" him! I know women do it all the time in remote parts of the world, and I admire them, I just don't want to be one of them!

Mommy the Maid said...

I am a firm believer that the birthing process should not be done alone. I think that a doctor should always be notified, even if he or she is not assisting in the birth. Even in acient times, there was a whole clan of women to help with the labor and the delivery.

Granted, I am not one for stadium seating during my labor and delivery (although it sure felt that way with my first one LOL), but I think that women are stronger when they have strong supports.

Jennifer McK said...

Um, the last thing I needed as my whole body was contracting and pushing to get a baby out is to reach down and "catch" my child.
I really needed all my attention on not exploding. Really.
But I imagine this is for some. And believe me, the panicked look on my Redneck's face as labor ensued doesn't inspire confidence in the Dad catching idea.
Then again, people were having babies without help for centuries.
Well, okay, about 60-70% of them died but....
Never mind.

Lucy said...

Oh HELL no, I wouldn't be down for "free birthing". My youngest is 10 1/2 years old now, but I clearly remember the pain and the exhaustion when he was finally born.

MisstressM said...

I think I am going to pass on the idea. I am assuming that my doctor went to school for almost a decade to learn something, and if I can do it by myself at home why am I paying for insurance?

P.S. I enjoyed your blog.

Princess Banter said...

Ok, first of all, epidural was invented for a reason -- and it's also the only compelling reason to convince myself to eventually want babies later on haha! It's bad enough giving birth without it -- people have to think about giving birth on one's own!!! Are they on crack?!?!?! Organic food is one thing... this is taking it to a totally different level!!! I think it should be illegal cuz it's endangering the baby's life!

Stephanie said...

I was going to have a home birth with my first baby (with a licensed midwife. By yourself is nuts. How are you to know if something is medically wrong? Or if you rip and start to bleed to much or whatever?). But I went into labor with Mark 3 weeks early and went into the hospital anyway. It ended up a good thing because my hips are too small to birth and I had to have a C-section!! But I did labor naturally with both my babies even though they were C-sections. I do think it was empowering to labor naturally. Even though it was painful as all hell, knowing that I could and did handle it makes me proud.

I do think if you aren't going to have a hospital birth, you should get a licensed midwife AND an MD OB. If you have an emergency, you will still need to go to the hospital or birthing center. And you won't have time to explain everything to half a dozen people when that happens.