Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adventures in Gardening

The thyroid drugs have given me a much needed energy boost. I no longer spent each day living for the next opportunity to sleep. In fact, I can barely fall asleep at night and am waking up before my alarm. After spending the majority of my life NEVER waking up without pushing the snooze button at least once, this is a new feeling and I’m not entirely sure if I like it or not.

So, in my new burst of energy there was this hidden Suzie Homemaker boost. I’ve suddenly decided to do things like “cook meals from scratch” and “drive a mini-van”. But perhaps the strangest new development is my desire to "have a garden". My Aunt is practically a professional gardener. I’ve tried several times to have little flower gardens with marginal success. I don’t know why I do this. I hate the whole “weeding” business and cannot even keep houseplants alive for more than a month, because I conveniently forget to water them.

Last week I got a wild hair and went to the nursery for some plants. Marigolds, snap dragons, pansies and impatiens have all been grown before with mixed results at Casa de la Glamorous. But then I decided to buy some tomato plants because I a) know absolutely nothing about growing vegetables! and b) hate tomatoes! However, I do love me some salsa, and the thought of being able to make my own salsa held some appeal to me. And, with this whole healthy eating kick I’ve been on, I’ve decided that I need to try to like some more healthy stuff. I used to love cherry tomatoes when I was little, but then I discovered things like Mochaccino M&M’s and DiGiorno stuffed crust pizzas and my secret recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies and all those healthy things sort of jumped down to the very bottom of the list. So, I’ve planted three different types of tomatoes: one for salsa, one for cooking, and one for eating raw.

Yesterday, I totally thought I had killed them all off. We had 90’s for temperatures on Sunday and Monday, and then the temperature dropped down to 68 yesterday. All my poor little plants were kind of wilting and looked half dead. So, I hauled out my trusty watering can, mixed some Miracle Gro in and tried to revive them all. Lo and behold, this morning they are all looking oh-so-perky and may have some new blossoms on them. I’m waiting not so patiently for the snap dragons to bloom because they are my favorite to play with.

So, once the plants get some more pretties on them, I’ll be sure to post pictures (including a montage of how I play with snap dragons in case you’re thinking I’m a freak. Which if your just thinking it now, you’re probably reading for the first time, so Hello! Welcome!!).

Any well-seasoned gardeners out there that want to share advice would be forever on my favorite people list.


susan said...

Wow, you're good! How did you know that I, first time reader, was here??? Thanks for the welcome! :)

Interestingly, I've been thinking of starting a garden as well...but I worry about the poor plants that are sure to be doomed. Maybe I should just stick to weeds, I'm really good at those...

You have a fun blog, I like your style.

Jennifer McK said...

Um, I'd like you to meet my "black thumb". "Black thumb", meet Glamorous. She is braver than I and obviously does NOT have one of your brethren living on her hands.
I grew up with one of the best gardeners ever, but NONE of it rubbed off on me. I kill everything. Not to mention that I got the idea that "Yard Work" was TWO four letter words I shall not utter. All the other ones are up for grabs.
Very cool that you're venturing into new territory.