Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Glamorous Runaround

Remember in that last entry when I was all “Don’t get married in May unless you want to share your anniversary with everyone and their mother?” Case in point: Here is how I will be spending the week up to and including our anniversary:

Last night (Monday)-Take Diva to summer dance class. Help friend with Girl Scouts tea party. Which was too much fun for me. It was so cute to hear the little girls using their manners “Please pass the tea pot? Why thank you!”

Tonight-Music practice for church. Also have to squeeze my work out in and clean my now officially haz-mat house.

Wednesday-Need to get to Semi-Civ for things needed for Sunday. Also have last dance practice before recital.

Thursday-Funeral for a friend’s sister that passed away. Maybe Bible Study, which takes up most of the night.

Friday-Field trip with CJ for the day. Then dress rehearsal for the dance recital. Then singing at a Relay for Life event in a neighboring town. Then collapse on bed from exhaustion.

Saturday-Recital!!! Hair, makeup, costumes will probably take up much of the afternoon.

Sunday (our anniversary)-Church, then prep for Baby Shower!!! I’ll maybe see my husband somewhere around dinner time.

So, as you can see, it’s mostly fun stuff, but this is always how my month of May looks. Every year. And, actually, I seem to have one or two things added each time.

I’m really glad we had last weekend to go out. CB took me to this awesome Greek restaurant in Semi-Civ where we dined on our inaugural hummus appetizer. I was surprised at how good the stuff is! We had pita chips to dip in it and then were brought a basket of warm pita bread too. The food was all delicious and I do believe we’ve found a replacement for our usual Applebee’s date!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Glamorous Redneck gardening tips!


Battlerocker said...

May does seem to be extremely busy each year. I think May and August should do some time-sharing. August always seems to be a calender's wasteland, at least for me. May could use the space, and August could use the excitement.

Jennifer McK said...

Ahhhhhh! That sounds soooo crazy! May and June are REALLY busy. However, my anniversary falls in January. Not so busy but VERY broke. *sigh* Is there a good month to get married?
Don't answer that.

jenn said...

As soon as may hits I'm pretty much booked until September.

It's just crazy that way every single year. I'm glad our anniversary is taken care of in March, because originally we were going to get married in June and I think that would have sucked.

Monique said...

Mmm I love Greek food!!!!

Hummus looks weird but tastes gooood.

Elleoz said...

Your anniversary sounds a lot like mine this year. We got married April 7th, which of course was Easter weekend this year. To top it all off, my lovely MIL decided that we needed to have Easter dinner on Saturday...APRIL 7th at 3 pm. Right smack dab in the middle of the freakin day!

So DH and I spent the entire day listening to his family bicker. And not one person wished us a happy anniversary. Never again I tell ya!

Hope you had a great few minutes with CB!