Friday, April 27, 2007

Springtime, the only pretty ring time. Birds sing, hey ding!

Some signs that spring has sprung up here in Podunk:

-The last little corner of snow that stayed in my yard has officially disappeared!

-The dead grass that CB left to get too long last fall stands out like an elephant on a motorcycle what with all the pretty green stuff sprouting up underneath.

-Dandelions have made their presence known in many a yard

-The weather has held a 60 degree high day and an 80 degree high day. In the space of a week.

And my favorite signs that Spring is here:

-CB has started yet another (and final big project! Yay!) remodeling project that will not end. He has been threatened with bodily harm if this one is not done in a month.

-When the kids have spent any amount of time under trees or in long grass, they must strip so as to make it easier for me CB to check them over for ticks.

-I have my first official mosquito bite. Oh the joys.


Friglet said...

I bet you're enjoying your warm weather. :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

The first mosquito bite of the season is always a special time :)

Battlerocker said...

I got my first mosquito bite yesterday. It was great.

jenn said...

yay for spring. It was 84 on Saturday and I can't wait for the rest of summer.