Monday, April 16, 2007

5 Questions

I saw this meme over at Mr. Fab's blog and I couldn't resist getting a chance for the Fabulous one himself to interview me. The following questions are what I got:

1. You have lived most of your life in California and Minnesota, two states not known for rednecks. So what's with the moniker?

The moniker comes from a little inside joke that some friends and I have about living out here. It’s a tiny little town that completely shuts down on huntin’ opener and it’s completely acceptable for kids to miss a day of school (by kids I mean about half the male population and several of the girls) in order to drive “up north” to kill Bambi.

The Glamorous part of my name is the part that suits me. I’m a big city girl. Always have been, and no matter where I live, I always will be a big city girl. I’m all about Old Hollywood, and the high class associated with it.

So I’m my own oxymoron. (For a more detailed description, go here: Why Glamorous Rednek?)

2. You were born during the Year of the Sheep. Does that qualify for discounts on wool?
I was? The plates at the Chinese restaurants always tell me I was born in the year of the monkey. And no, as far as I know it does not give me discounts on wool (nor did being a monkey give me discounts on bananas)

3. When the alien overlords come down and begin pulverizing us with giant metal hammers, what will be your argument to them for letting you live?

Will they even FIND me out here? I don’t know, I’m cute? Because only I will be able to explain both small and big city life to their scientists.

4. You live in Minnesota. Doesn't it creep you out living that close to Canada?

Not too much. The only thing that freaks me out about living up here is the accent. Seriously it’s the weirdest sounding accent in the entire country (well, except maybe Boston’s)

5. You have a boy and a girl. Which gender do you think it is easier to raise?

Boys are definitely easier than girls. Not to say I don’t love both of my kids equally, but when it was just CJ, I was like “Psssh, this parenting thing is easy!” Then Diva came along and brought all the chaos and the drama (Oh, the DRAMA! Everything is the END. OF. THE. WORLD.!) that comes along with having a little girl. I’ve been told that as they grow up, things kind of flip flop.

But then I look at me & my brother and it’s completely opposite. I was easy (this is according to my mom, not just my own assumptions) and my brother is a pain in the arse.

However, the general consensus in conversations I’ve had with other moms seems to be that, yes, boys are easier than girls.

Wanna Play?

Just leave me a comment saying "Interview ME!" and I'll either email or post on your blog 5 questions. Then let me know when you've got it up so that I can check out your answers. :)


Meg said...

Interview me, lady! I need something to post about (and a distraction from the CMT awards).

And I will be in Winona, MN with the Pough in June---let me know if you're available or nearby to swill some beer in true Minnesota fashion.

the superstar said...

ooh! ooh! pick me! interview ME!

the superstar said...

ok, ok. i'm a slacker. but here they are!

1. How has having children changed your life?

2. If you could choose one place to raise your family other than the place you are now, where would it be? (you can't say that Podunk is Perfect and you wouldn't choose any other place. That ruins the fun!)

3. What is your movie guilty pleasure? Something you should never admit to watching much less loving... but you're going to anyway? ;)

4. If you could pick one person in your life who has had the most influence on you and who you've become, who would it be and why?

5. What is that one song, that no matter where you are and what you're doing, you have to stop everything, turn it up, and sing at the top of your lungs, dancing along?

Elleoz said...

Ooo!! ME too!