Thursday, February 22, 2007

Glamorous Anonymity

I was talking with a fellow Glamorous Redneck (those of us city girls stuck out here in the country) last week about what we miss out here. Our biggest thing was that anonymity that comes with living in bigger cities. I really like going to the store without running into 500 people that I know. It was fun to be able to run across the street at 11 at night just because we wanted chocolate ice cream. We would run over there in our pajamas, duck in and duck out with no one being the wiser. Now, if I were to do that I’d have to first drive a half an hour away and it would be tomorrow’s big event. (Gosh, did you see CARRIE last night? She was out really late getting ice cream. Surely she’s pregnant!)

Now, as a parent, I love that I will be able to find my kids within no more than three phone calls should they disappear on me after school. And I’ve said before that I like the fact that there’s not that awkward “I have to meet the parents first” conversation before slumber parties. I know the parents of the kids that are in my kids’ classes. I went to school with some of them.

So, I guess there’s good and bad no matter where you are. What are your thoughts? Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? Have any plusses or minuses to add to the list?


Jenn said...

i'm a city girl all the way. I don't want to deal with wells and septic problems, I want hooked up to the system and be good. I want a grocery store right across the street, or at least 2 minutes away.

our town isn't big, it isn't small. I know lots of people having grown up here and sure there are people that know me, but not EVERYONE knows me and I still run around in my jammies without any worries.

Trace said...

Hi there, I came across your blog through blogher. :) I loved this post because I grew up in the middle of nowhere, Australia and it reminded me of so many things :). We left the country when I was 10 and I now live in a city of 1.5 million. I feel like I am more a city girl now but still need to get out into the country occasionally. :) But I think the biggest thing is just knowing that if I get bored and want to do anything at any hour of the day, I can. There's no restrictions. With that said, I miss the quiet of the country like crazy. :)

Toni-Marie said...

Unfortunately this is a hard one for me, I'm still figuring that out. I loved the country but I also love the city. Right now I'm loving the city, and I won't go back to the country for awhile though, when I'm ready to settle down and have kids I'd like to go back to the country. I loved growing up as a country kid, everyone knew everyone and it really was much safer environment for kids.