Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nope, still not dead

I haven't even looked at blogger since my birthday (what is that? Like almost three weeks ago?), and to tell you the truth, I didn't really miss it. In fact, when I tried to come here, I accidentally typed in "blooger" and was all "Holy crap, they've dismantled blogger!" until I remembered that I cannot spell to save my life. But now it's Sunday Monday morning (12:00 on the nose to be exact) and I am officially out of ideas for things to do. Why am I awake you ask? Well, I had a couple of little anxiety attacks (a new onset here on this other side of "mid-twenties") that kept me up until two in the morning last week, and evidently my body has decided that it doesn't need that much sleep anymore. So I go up to my bed, toss and turn for a couple of hours, then finally give up and come back down. Let me just say that there isn't a damn thing on once you get past 11 on Sunday night. I'm so bored I can't even bring myself to play interweb games. I feel like just screaming at myself "GO TO SLEEP STUPID GIRL!" but all the screaming would just wake me up even more. And here's the worst thing. . .sleeping pills don't even work. The hell? Normally I have to take sleeping pills at like 8 so I can be in bed by 8:30 and don't feel right unless I get to sleep in until noon. Now? Nothing. Methinks there's still a little bit of the panic-attack inducing worry plaguing my mind, and that's what's keeping me up, but I stll don't know how to stop it. Any clues?

In other news, here's what I've been up to:

Diva danced at a dancing competition the high school dance team held and I got to watch the passion for dance light up in her eyes. Good to know that she's really looking forward to dancing like the big girls.

Getting ridiculous amounts of compliments on the new hair. Had I known I looked so horrid before, I would have dyed it sooner (I kid, I know I didn't look that horrid. It's just a big change).

Dressing up in 50's garb and winning first prize in the costume contest at our church's annual Valentine's Banquet. I'll have pictures just as soon as we figure out how to get them off the hub's phone.

Buying my very first digital camera! Yay! I'm finally going to be one of the cool kids!

So, my camera should be here by next Friday. That means I'm throwing it in your court again. What kind of pictures would you like to see? I'll have to test the new camera out, and will need ideas for (G rated) pictures.


the superstar said...

ooh ooh! play 365 with me!

jenn said...

well first off, I'm glad you're not dead. I'm sorry you can't sleep and I want a picture of the new hair color.

Elleoz said...

Welcome back. I was getting worried about ya!

Pics? Hmmm, lets see. You! Your kids, hubby, and the inside of your fridge.