Monday, February 12, 2007

Two days in a row? Surely Hell has frozen over

If the weather outside lately is any indication of hell freezing over, ol' Lucifer himself just might be investing in some muck lucks and a fur coat. It's been insanely cold over the past week and a half! Yesterday it was a balmy 25 outside. It felt like summer!

After church yesterday, we headed to semi-civ to spend some time with the Army BIL who is home on his two week R & R. We all went bowling and I sucked it up hardcore. I used to be on a league and would bowl an average of like 125. Now, I finally got an 82 the second round and that was my high score. Sad, right? It was still fun though because the kids LOVE bowling. They didn't enjoy it quite as much yesterday, but that was because we couldn't get a bumper lane. The place was ridiculously crowded. And I get just a touch of claustrophobia (seriously what is it with all these new maladies of late? Evidently my body and psyche were only on a 25 year warranty and since it's expired, all the parts are starting to crap out). So I was trying really hard to just stay away from people, but it was impossible. Finally after our first game, a bunch of people left, so I didn't feel like I was going to implode anymore.

When we got home from that, CB had to hurry back out to practice bass with the group he's been playing with. We were looking at guitars for him last night and are probably going to purchase him his very own in the very near future.

I had so much fun on Friday night! It has been forever since I've been able to dress up for anything, and I must say, we looked pretty darn cute (obviously, or we wouldn't have won first place, right?). I had a cute purple poodle skirt, cat eye glasses, a purple scarf and got my hair cut so that I could rat the back and flip the bottom. The lady who plans the party even asked me to sing. So I busted out "Stupid Cupid" and got lots of applause. I didn't think I sounded half bad, either, but I did end it early because there's a little instrumental in the middle and everyone thought I was done. So I felt like a freak, but that's all right. :)

This week is super busy, as most of them have been lately. Which is why the blogging has gone to the wayside. Tonight Diva's got dance practice, tomorrow I'm going to keep a friend that's moving company, Wednesday is Diva & My dance practices, Thursday CB and I are going to Minneapolis for a late Valentine's getaway (actually, we're going to see a financial guy, but CB says we're doing Valentine's stuff so I'm going with that) and bible study, then Friday Diva is going with my mom to Minneapolis to watch the big girl's dance at the State competition. Saturday the Army BIL is supposedly cooking us a completely vegan meal (oh. Joy. I can hardly wait.) (now watch, it'll be ridiculously good and I'll be converted). Sunday will be church and maybe--just maybe--a nap. Cuz if I can't get this sleep thing figured out, I get the distinct impression that I'll need it.

My goal is to make it one whole week of blogging every day, but as you can see by this, I'm not going to make any promises.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

A Vegan meal?

There is only so much you can do with bean sprouts and Play-doh.