Friday, March 02, 2007

Storm of the Century!!!!

The second winter that I lived in Minnesota we got TONS of snow. The drifts that were made when the snowplow came through were taller than I am. But that all came over the course of the winter. Last Thursday, my backyard was bone dry. Then the big storm last weekend came through and it looked like this:
The picture looks kind of foggy because I took it out the bathroom window upstairs. (Also note the Redneck back porch that is our summer project). We got like eight inches of snow between Friday and Saturday. Which was awesome! We didn't have to go anywhere, so we took the kids (and ourselves) sledding. School was even on time.

Cut to Wednesday of this week. Our backs were still sore from shoveling the last go around (which was awesome snowman making snow because it was just the right consistancy. But it sucked for clearing because it was HEAVY!), when I happened to look on the internet and see that there was ANOTHER storm coming. The school let the kids out early in anticipation, and it was a good thing because by Wednesday night we had quite a bit.

It hasn't quit since. School was cancelled yesterday and today. The major highways out of this town are closed because they are impassable (sp? Is that even a word?). We are snowed in! There is over a foot of new snow since Wednesday night and it is still snowing right now. Up yonder in Duluth they are having windgusts of 65 mph. And this snow is not the heavy stuff, so the wind is pulling it all over the place, which adds to the fun! So now, my backyard looks like this:
The kids are outside digging a fort and I am inside watching them. For now. We'll probably go sledding again today and several more times this weekend. I have really, really (really) hated Minnesota in the winter time for the past few years. Even if we had gotten snow, it was too cold to go enjoy it, so we spent most of the winter cooped up and on each others' nerves. Now CB and I are having just as much fun as the kids. He went and built up a curve on the hill we sled on so that the kids would stay in the right path, then went down it on his shovel. It's been forever since we've had this much fun.

So now I'm off now to go help the kids build a snow fort. This is the stuff my mom told me about growing up here, and I'm excited to finally get to play in it!


Toni Marie said...

I know you're probably sick of the snow, but I'm jealous, I wish we got know here instead of this drizzly rain.

jenn said...

stay warm and have fun, I'm super jelous of your continuing sledding activities!

I love sledding and we only ever had enough snow to go twice! *sigh* maybe next year!

SupComTabz said...

Guess whose back!! :) check me out at fanTABZulous... my new blog:

Friglet said...

That looks like so much fun! My kid's would love it!